Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) Schedule

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Semifinals Schedule – December 6, 2019 Rowling Hall


Division I – RRH 3.304

9:00 AM – Aperiam Bio
Aperiam Bio is engineering biological molecules for agricultural and pharmaceutical applications — these products might increase the nutritional profile of animal feed or help kill cancer cells — using proprietary machine learning tools.  Austin Cole, ICMB PhD ’20; Daniel Diaz, Chemistry PhD ’23; Raghav Shroff, ICMB PhD ’20

9:35 AM – Aevum BioTech
Aevum BioTech is taking a process that was intended to assist with human reproduction and repurposing it towards the cattle industry. By combining traditional methods with a new technology, Aevum substantially increases success rates that result in increased profits for the cattle industry. Apollo Hernandez, MSTC ’20; Robb Dettmer, MSTC ’20; Jason Grizzle, MSTC ’20; Katie Morgan, MSTC ’20; Peter Gill, MSTC ’20; Amin Dhukka, MSTC ‘20

10:10 AM – CytonSys
CytonSys has developed Photo-Bio-Modulation technologies to enhance the cognitive functions for brain conditions treatment and anti-aging processes. Proven research and products are available in the market now. Lida Huang, ECE PhD ’20; Courtney Alexander, Psychology PhD ‘20

10:45 AM – HiPR Innovation
Prolonged contact and pressure caused by sitting on a wheelchair leaves patients at high risk to develop pressure ulcers. To solve this, HiPR is developing the first reactive, smart wheelchair cushion that can dynamically alleviate high pressure and prevent pressure ulcers. David Chun, Engineering ’20

11:20 AM – Rombal
Rombal’s DynaTense is a medical device used by orthopedic surgeons during knee replacement (TKR) surgery to assist in making data-driven decisions about soft tissue tension, which is crucial to post-operative patient satisfaction. The data it supplies on soft tissue tension enables surgeons to make the best bone cuts. Doug Fairbanks, MSTC ’20; Brian South, MSTC’20


Division II – RRH 3.402

9:00 AM – Legacy Project Studios
Through a blended approach of personal interviews and creative collaborations, Legacy Project Studios will do more than organize and provide beautiful images – we will help future generations of loved ones to know the stories behind them.  James Lee, Executive MBA ’20; Kelly Trout, Executive MBA ’20; Ryan Roecker, Executive MBA ’20; Rahul Jain, Executive MBA ’20

9:35 AM – Picko
Picko is a low-cost food delivery service for educational and corporate campuses. Picko uses its network of smart lockers on campuses to deliver items. Customers pick up their items from the lockers instead of meeting the drivers. In exchange, they only pay $1 for delivery, no tips, no hidden charges. Rambod Yousefzadeh Tabasi, Aerospace Engineering PhD ’20

10:10 AM – Home & Herd
Home & Herd is an online marketplace connecting breeders with end customers through review based listings. We want to be the one stop search, shop and purchase for your next animal.  Ilya Kuperman, MSTC ’20

 10:45 AM – CooMo Travel
CooMo Travel is an online platform which allows the individual to plan and book their entire trip, from start to finish, while allowing other real users to provide recommendations and suggestions based on their own personal experience. Those that plan their trip through the platform will have the ability to see other travelers that will be traveling to the same cities at the same time. Tyler Moyer, MSTC ’20

11:20 AM – Farm to Bowl Kitchens
Farm to Bowl Kitchens uses local supply chains to source and prepare fresh ingredients to produce on-demand plant-based nutrition solutions autonomously. We apply cutting edge technologies to reduce the costs and risks associated with producing and distributing prepared foods made with fresh, perishable ingredients. Charles Hall, TEMBA ‘20

11:55 AM – RightTrack
RightTrack is a digital platform that aggregates financial data to provide holistic, forward-looking insights and matches users with financial planners based on their financial goals.
Kevin Matthews II, MSTC ’20; Jake Moreno, MSTC ’20; Munira Hassain, MSTC ‘20


Division III – RRH 3.406

9:00 AM – Helios
Helios creates and markets better-for-you sandals with elegant and classic design.  We intend to build a footwear brand which customers associate with wellness and mindfulness. Our sandals serve as a beautiful new everyday staple for consumers who are both health conscious and design conscious. Stuart Smith, MBA ’21

9:35 AM – Functional Furniture
Functional Furniture enables active living by designing and producing ready-to-assemble furniture that serves the intended household use case while also acting as exercise equipment, promoting functional movement and therapeutic benefits. Alexander Kennedy Darvishian. MBA ’21

10:10 AM – Slick Sigma
L’MO is a platform that connects retail merchants to crowdsourced delivery options for next day delivery of household goods to end users, homes or businesses. The solution involves ordinary shoppers and the infrastructure currently available through Uber and Lyft style drivers to perform the deliveries to provide a low cost opportunity for local retailers to compete in ecommerce. Sean Hanko, MSTC ’20; Craig Sico, MSTC ’20; Ihab Azzam, MSTC ’20; Rennad Murugan, MSTC ‘20           

 10:45 AM – Good Apple
Good Apple is an Austin-based produce delivery service on a mission to end food insecurity and support a strong, local food system. We partner with local farmers to rescue healthy fruits and veggies that would otherwise go unsold. We then deliver this fresh produce to our customers on a subscription basis   Zack Timmons, M.D. ’21; Alex Wright, M.D. MBA ‘21

11:20 AM – Home Equity Leveraging Partners (H.E.L.P)
HELP is a real estate investment company that enters contractual equity sharing with homeowners in return for cash funding. Our goal is to allow customers to finance the ever-growing costs of education by sharing in a small percentage of the increase in appreciation of a home’s value over time. Kristin Carpenter, MSTC ’20; Dan Edwards, MSTC ’20; Angelo Francisco, MSTC ’20; Ashley Jennings, MSTC ’20; Hasan Abdallah, MSTC ‘20


Division IV – RRH 5.402

9:00 AM – Kuji
For parents who have a baby and are experiencing difficulty caring for their child when out in public, our company solves the problem of finding clean changing stations and having the right supplies on hand. Our company accomplishes this by distributing smart-phone applications and hardware. Hiroki Mochizuki, MBA ’21

9:35 AM – Plexus Technology
Imagine you are in a crowded event and your sister is injured — cell service is overloaded and you need help: we provide a closed mesh dome for events and crowded locations to provide customers and administrators location and messaging capability without cell tower carriers. Casey Roberts, MBA ‘20

10:10 AM – Finora
Finora is a financial technology company that aims to help users better manage their daily disposable income. We aim to influence user behavior to help them develop healthy spending habits, financial literacy and drive positive emotions regarding their personal finance. Mustapha Yisa, MBA ’20; Alex Chen, Mechanical Engineering ’20; Gokhan Koyuncu, MBA ‘20

10:45AM – Preferenda
Preferenda helps A&R representatives and others collect listener feedback on songs before large investments in studio time or promotion are made. An online survey platform for audio content, Preferenda uses patented technology to identify exactly what listeners like and dislike in a song more accurately and faster than existing feedback collection methods. Trent McKenzie, JD ’20

11:20 AM – Alight Health
Alight Health is developing a new model for healthcare services with the immediacy of urgent care, the continuity and capabilities of primary care and the velocity of telemedicine. Alight Health is a low-cost care provider that maximizes clinical efficiency (and therefore patient volume) via telecommunication technology and adaptive data informatics. Noah Austin Minor, MD MBA ’20; Zach Mills, MD MBA ‘20


Division V – RRH 5.420

9:00 AM – Hypepilot
Hypepilot is an open-registration marketplace for companies to create influencer marketing campaigns that publish content like product reviews, shout outs and unboxings on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. Our platform facilitates connections between companies and influencers. Reid Thomas, MSTC ‘20; Delano Covarrudias, MSTC ’20

9:35 AM – Nudge Analytics
Nudge Analytics offers K-12 school districts a service that will increase student attendance by utilizing a combination of machine learning and behavioral research.
Sam Hogan, MBA ‘21

10:10 AM –
For endurance event organizers and participants who are experiencing a disjointed event organization and participation experience, provides an end-to-end integrated software solution for registration, ticketing, follow up and more. Jeff Zhao, MSTC ‘20

10:45 AM – PrimeACT
PrimeACT is a mobile application that provides daily user selected actions in order to form new    habits geared towards improving their health and happiness. Clayton Key, MBA ‘20

11:20 AM – Operando
Operando is a workplace productivity tool designed for organizational teams that integrates internal communication platforms and manages project workflows to enhance productivity. Neha Pachade, MSTC ’20; Edward Lewis, MSTC ’20; Maher Tamimi, MSTC ’20; Olufunbi Falayi, MSTC ’20; Ben Li, MSTC ‘20

11:55 AM – 2WayLive
2WayLive is an interactive tele-education platform aiming to connect good teachers with students around the world. Using two-way high definition audio/video, real-time chat and synchronous assessment, a Teacher can reach, teach, assess and interact with students sitting in several remote classrooms. Sanat Sharma, Computer Science ‘20


E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Schedule – December 6, 2019

RRH 4.314

Division I

9:00 AM – CytonSys

9:06 AM – Finora

9:12 AM – Good Apple

9:18 AM – Alight Health

9:24 AM – Operando

9:30 AM – CooMo Travel

9:36 AM – Preferenda

9:42 AM – HiPR Innovation

9:48 AM – Aperiam Bio


Division II

10:00 AM – Kuji

10:06 AM – 2WayLive

10:12 AM – Right Track

10:18 AM – Farm to Bowl Kitchens

10:24 AM – Aevum BioTech

10:30 AM – Plexus Technology

10:36 AM – Rombal

10:42 AM – Nudge Analytics

10:48 AM – H.E.L.P.


Division III

11:00 AM – Functional Furniture

11:06 AM –

11:12 AM – Slick Sigma

11:18 AM – Home & Herd

11:24 AM – Legacy Project Studios

11:30 AM – Helios

11:36 AM – PrimeACT

11:42 AM – Hypepilot

11:48 AM – Picko


2 PM – 5 PM
Finals:  Winner of each Semifinals division competes
Crum Auditorium, RRH 1.400


PM – 7 PM 
Awards Ceremony:  Winners announced
Crum Auditorium, RRH 1.400


The event is free and open to the public.  No need to register to attend.

If you wish to compete, check out the Rules and FAQs. If you are a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, feel free to apply here for our Spring 2020 TVLIC or email us with any questions you may have at

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