Fall 2019 Venture Expo Companies

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Our upcoming Venture Expo on November 21, 2019 will be featuring our Fall 2019 JBTVL Accelerator cohort, JBTVL Alumni Companies and other amazing startups from the University of Texas at Austin ecosystem! Read about these exciting new ventures below.

Entrepreneurship and UT Austin Startup Showcase Venture Expo

Fall 2019 JBTVL Venture Expo – RSVP: Attend.com/VentureExpoFall19

Our current JBTVL Accelerator cohort is showing some serious potential and promises to be one of our most successful cohorts to date. Some of the projects that JBTVL is working with them on as part of our accelerator.

  • Elite Sweets – Distribution and Financial Model Validation
  • EPX – Market Segmentation and Competitive Analysis
  • MDM Wound Ventures – Market Analysis, Product Expansion and Revenue Projections
  • Pink Science– Market Analysis and Beachhead Market Mapping
  • Pocket Innovations – Market Validation and Patent Verification
  • Relay IQ– Customer Discovery and Pricing Strategy
  • Roper – UX Design Validation and Target Market Validation
  • Steamm Espresso – Go-to-Market and Funding Path Research
  • Tradiies – Revenue Model Validation and Data Strategy
  • Troposphere– Market Expansion and Target Segment Research
  • Yotta Energy – Market Sizing, Competitive Analysis and Valuation
  • Viviota – Current Market Assessment, Expansion and New Market Validation

In addition to the Fall 2019 Accelerator companies, we have more amazing companies that will be on the Expo Floor.

  • AngelSpan, Inc. – Worthy startups outside Silicon Valley, NY, Boston and LA struggle for funding, while investors interested in funding entrepreneurs are frustrated with the process. AngelSpan and our Legacy Funds division addresses these challenges.
  • Auto Labs – Auto Labs creates opportunities for auto dealers to engage with their customer during the whole ownership life cycle with Sophi, an artificial intelligence-powered omni-channel communication and productivity solution.
  • Big Wheelbarrow – Provides a B2B platform that enables large grocery store chains and food service companies to meet the booming demand for local food.
  • Charity Charge – Business credit cards designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits which require no personal guarantor, carry no annual or per card fees, and generate cash back automatically.
  • ElecTrip – City to city transportation company that uses technology, electric vehicles, and trained drivers to get clients from points A to B in the most efficient, sustainable and productive way possible.
  • HiPR Innovation, Inc. – HiPR is developing the first smart, dynamic and reactive wheelchair cushion system to prevent pressure ulcer development.
  • Locoal – Provides a zero-waste solution for organic landscape materials, utilizing the feedstock to generate renewable clean energy while capturing carbon in value added co-products.
  • NovoThelium – An internationally awarded biotech startup developing a human derived acellular nipple areolar matrix for use in nipple reconstruction after trauma or mastectomy.
  • Picko – Low-cost food delivery for high population density campuses using logistics and batching technology to reduce the number of delivery trips and associated costs significantly.
  • Plexus Technology  – Plexus provides communication and location services on a platform designed to succeed in limited cell environments by using a closed WIFI mesh network.
  • Pocket Punch – Created by five female UT student entrepreneurs, Pocket Punch empowers individuals to be in charge of their own safety through a hand-held multi-functional self-defense device.
  • Rocket Dollar, Inc. – A fintech platform designed to help people use IRAs and 401(k)s to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, startups, and crypto.
  • WriterDuet (FlexDocs) – Offers a real-time collaboration platform for creative teams to innovate and execute seamlessly by transforming content into myriad views, allowing them to build and iterate on the same data using their own unique thought-process and workflow.

Come check out all of these exciting new ventures and connect with the startup ecosystem in this fun environment, complete with an elevator pitch showcase, an expo floor event and a reception!

RSVP: Attend.com/VentureExpoFall19

Thursday, November 21
from 4:30 – 6:30 PM

Robert B. Rowling Hall
300 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Austin, TX 78705

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