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2019 Spring Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition Winners Announced

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ShaadiBox Wins Spring 2019 TVLIC
The team from ShaadiBox receives the ‘Texas Champion’ prize from JBTVL’s director, Dr. John Sibley Butler

ShaadiBox earned first place and the $10,000 award in JBTVL’s Spring 2019 Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) on May 10, 2019. As Texas Champion, ShaadiBox also won the priceless opportunity to close the Nasdaq in New York City and advising from the Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs staff.

ShaadiBox solves a challenging and complex problem for Indian-American brides and grooms by sourcing the clothing and accessories necessary for an Indian wedding in the United States. ShaadiBox is a U.S. based online retailer whose goal is to provide Indian-American brides and grooms an affordable, accessible and applicable way to source their wedding party needs. The team members, UT Austin MBA students, are Pallavi Nair, Yukti Gangwani and Jamal Olatunde.

The other four finalists included InMoat in second place receiving $5,000, Lambert in third place receiving $4,000, ROOG in fourth place receiving $3,000, and in fifth place receiving $2,000. In addition to awarding the top five teams, TVLIC also awards teams for specialized honors such as the James D. Pippin Veteran Award and the E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Award.

Amigo received the James D. Pippin Veteran Award of $1,000 given to the most promising startup in TVLIC with one or more veteran co-founders. Amigo helps B2B sales professionals quantitatively analyze their channel partners and offers actionable insights that can increase the likelihood of successful deals.

The E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Award is given to the best elevator pitches delivered by TVLIC competitors. Our three winners this semester were, ShaadiBox and ReVRse. Each team will receive $1,000.

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