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TVLIC Spring 2019 Semifinals

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Division I – RRH 3.402

9:00 AM            Alight Health

For busy urbanites, getting healthcare is an inconvenient and time-consuming process: It takes a month to see your regular doctor, there are hours-long wait times at urgent clinics and telemedicine is often incomplete. Alight Health eliminates wait times and provides one-stop comprehensive care by redesigning the clinical setting to be modular, merging queuing theory and telehealth technologies and attaining efficiencies through a risk-stratifying algorithm. Noah Minor, MD/MBA 2020; Trevor McGowan, MBA 2020; Audrey Han, MD/M.Ed. 2020

9:35 AM            Lambert

Lambert is a vertically-integrated direct-to-consumer business that provides the most affordable way for diabetics to monitor their glucose level through a subscription basis. We are building low-cost glucose test strips that can be analyzed with a budget smartphone camera. Sam Kanawati, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2019

10:10 AM          ReVRse

ReVRse is an intuitive and immersive experience platform, with curated content that brings some of life’s most treasured experiences to elderly individuals through virtual reality. Through our technology, clients can stroll through their hometown, climb the Eiffel Tower or take a car ride down the coast. Our goal is to reverse potential consequences of aging including depression, cognitive decline and disengagement by providing residents with a way to explore the world from the comfort and safety of their retirement home. Kate Galloway, MBA 2020; Trent Segers, MBA 2020

10:45 AM          Locoal.Life

Locoal.Life provides a zero waste solution for commercial landscape companies, utilizing the waste materials to generate clean energy while capturing carbon.  The clean energy is generated from greenhouse gases like methane and the captured carbon, known as biochar, has dozens of applications for food security and environmental sustainability. Matt “Petey” Peterson, MSTC 2019; Miles Murray, MSTC 2019; Chuck Gamero, MSTC 2019; Valerie Murray, MSTC 2019


Division II – RRH 3.406

9:00 AM   is a platform that matches people that want to donate with charity organizations. then creates a feedback loop to promote transparency regarding use of funds and to maximize a donor’s giving portfolio. Our research suggests that individuals aged 26-39 with annual income in excess of $35,000 have the highest propensity to donate, the highest elasticity of donation dollars and the most significant desire to make financial contributions to meaningful causes. Christina Snyder, MSTC 2019; Sophie Babo, MSTC 2019

10:10 AM          FlightBrite

FlightBrite is an airline ticket platform that allows travelers to buy and sell airline tickets after the original booking and safely and securely transfer tickets to new passengers who purchase them on an online marketplace. The mission is to allow travelers the flexibility to transfer unwanted tickets, the freedom to meet travel needs and purchase tickets to otherwise sold-out flights and the confidence to make reservations without them.  Justin Graeber, Communications 2019

10:45 AM          SmartSource

For small to medium-sized businesses that cannot afford traditional outsourcing, SmartSource provides a cost-efficient method of outsourcing. SmartSource is able to keep costs to the client low while also matching clients with high-quality employees. These outsourced employees are matched to a client’s specific needs through a behavioral analytics software that helps improve the longevity of an outsourcing contract.  John Strother, Accounting 2019; Jacob Duval, Accounting 2019

11:20 AM          TidyPass

TidyPass is an APP that helps people actively protect their personal information on their digital devices or when they need to share data with others. TidyPass also eliminates the tedious process and saves time when individuals are required to provide data. For businesses, TidyPass provides an API to help companies utilize clients’ latest and most accurate marketing information without saving any sensitive data in their database. Paul (Po Shun) Huang, MSTC 2019; Freddy Herrera, MSTC 2019


Division III – RRH 3.414

9:00 AM            EmbraceBox

EmbraceBox is the only do-it-yourself (DIY) subscription box geared towards young girls with curly or textured hair. Curly-haired girls receive a box including a recipe and ingredients to create a new hair product every month, with the goal of educating them on ingredients and hair care tips, making them proud of their natural texture and making the process of hair care fun. Angelise Hadley, MBA 2019

9:35 AM            NutriBaby

NutriBaby is a new subscription based innovative baby food company offering a curated nutrition plan for children ages 4-18 months. NutriBaby plans to target wealthy dual income families who have limited time, but want their babies to reap the developmental benefits of fresh, wholesome and nutritious baby food. Yun Han, MBA 2020; Maxwell Berger, MBA 2020; Hyonwoo Yoon, MBA 2020

10:10 AM          ShaadiBox

Sourcing the clothing and accessories necessary for an Indian wedding in the United States can be a complex endeavor for Indian-American brides and grooms. ShaadiBox is a U.S. based online retailer whose goal is to provide Indian-American brides and grooms an affordable, accessible and applicable way to source their wedding party needs. Pallavi Nair, MBA 2020; Yukti Gangwani, MBA 2020; Jamal Olatunde, MBA 2020; Alec Carruthers, Environmental Engineering 2020

10:45 AM          SwitftHog

SwiftHog is a firearm, accessory and ammunition product listing aggregator, search engine and advertising platform. SwiftHog’s goal is to connect individuals looking to buy products online to the federally licensed firearms dealers who are selling them. Brian Shumway, MSTC 2019


Division IV – RRH 4.402

9:00 AM            CooMo Travel

CooMo Travel is an online platform which allows the individual to plan and book their entire trip, from start to finish, while allowing other real users to provide recommendations and suggestions based on their own personal experience. In addition, those that plan their trip through the platform will have the ability to see other travelers that will be traveling to the same cities at the same time, allowing people to potentially meet in real life!  Tyler Moyer, MSTC 2020

9:35 AM           Operation Town Hall

A news-aggregation and forum-based social ecosystem will allow clusters of people to discuss issues in real time, with opinions across the spectrum being shared in an empathetic, inclusive and non-threatening environment. This will be accomplished through gamification, reiteration and incentivization. In doing so, the platform will enable users to break out of their echo chambers and help them foster compromise. Geetsikha Pathak, MSTC 2019; Vikram Baruah, Biomedical Engineering 2020

10:10 AM          ROOG

ROOG is a software services company that connects consumers to minority owned businesses within their communities.  ROOG’s mission is to help build a lifelong community that drives loyalty, advocacy and growth to small businesses. We will create a sustainable business ecosystem for minority businesses that is responsive to the needs of consumers who want to buy their products and services. Brandon Thurman, MSTC 2019

10:45AM           TamsTams

TamsTams is a platform that makes it easier for people to join or create pickup games around them. It leverages users’ locations to put them in touch with other players and provide them access to nearby fields and facilities. Eric Kingue, MSTC 2019


Division V – RRH 4.408  

9:00 AM            Amigo

Amigo is for B2B tech companies with complex channel sales programs who are frustrated with the lack of actionable insights into how their channel partners impact revenue. Our solution provides analysis of their ecosystem that is easy to access and digest by combining qualitative and quantitative data, helping them discover which partnerships matter most. Ian Bidot, MSTC 2019; Dante Morales, MSTC 2019; Gabriel Arce, MSTC 2019; Jason Smith, MSTC 2019

9:35 AM            Finora

Finora is a digitally enabled financial services company providing high-return automatic savings through smart, passive and simple liquid investment. Finora’s core offering, delivered through a mobile application, simplifies savings while discouraging user spending and offering better average returns than conventional savings accounts.
Mustapha Yisa, MBA 2020; Eric Eriksen, MBA 2020; Gokhan Koyuncu, MBA 2020; Alex Chen, Aerospace Engineering 2019

10:10 AM          InMoat

InMoat is an email application that helps journalists save their time and sanity by clearing up their inbox. InMoat accomplishes this by detecting and deflecting unsolicited and irrelevant PR emails and press releases through the use of InMoat’s proprietary natural language processing algorithm. Henry Kim, MSTC 2019

10:45 AM          Privatir

Privatir is an investor relations management platform for private companies that leverages a freemium model to aggregate data on private investment firms (PE/VC) and allows customer to leverage that data when raising capital. James Thwing, Evening MBA 2021

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