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Venture Expo Spring 2019 – Participating Companies

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Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs presents VENTURE EXPO

JBTVL is proud to introduce the complete list of 37 companies and organizations that are slated to participate at Venture Expo Spring 2019. Please take a moment to explore this promising group of Austin startups! Venture Expo is on April 18, and will feature our current Accelerator companies as well as a select group of program alumni companies.

For more information on the event, or to RSVP, please visit:

Current Accelerator Companies


3Data is the PowerPoint and Excel of Mixed Reality, focusing on 3D graph visualizations and the future of enterprise presentations. Current big data visualization software was designed for classic computing and lacks the capabilities to create, collaborate and present highly complex visualizations. 3Data solves these problems with a turn key solution to increase the productivity of data scientists by 12X. (More Info)

AnatoMotion is pioneering the placement of sensors directly on the teeth to enable a new level of precision and measurement. This will revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of several major orofacial conditions. AnatoMotion plans to launch two devices; first with a FDA Class I label using CAD/3D technology, and second with a FDA Class II label by incorporating Pulse/Oxygen data to help treat more complex conditions, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). (More Info)

BioKaab is an enterprise focused on developing commercial biotechnological integral solutions. They developed the DGreen line of degreasers and sanitizers to reduce the cost and environmental impact of industrial operations. BioKaab’s enzymatic based products easily remove grease, oils, sugars, carbohydrates and other crust formations and accumulations. (More Info)

Planning is cumbersome. Software like Asana and Trello made project management more agile, but open-ended planning remains wasteful. Cause and effect relationships are the core of a plan. Broadcouncil’s software makes plans’ causal logic so intuitive that you can plan quickly without sacrificing internal consistency. Broadcouncil’s beachhead market is boutique consultancies focused on strategy. (More Info)

Fuel cells and electrolyzers can be brought to their full potential simply by unlocking their operation at elevated temperatures. Celadyne’s proton exchange membrane operates at ambient and elevated temperatures. The Celadyne membrane is based on a nano-ceramic approach that enables elevated temperature proton conductivity while combining the mechanical stability, and gas impermeability of a ceramic membrane with the thin form-factor and roll-to-roll process ability of a polymeric membrane at a cheaper price point. (More Info)

En Solución develops food safety technology to keep healthy food healthy. We aim to address the existential threat facing growers and processors of fresh produce that their fruits and vegetables could cause the illness or death of a consumer. Taking a deep-tech approach, we build and deploy hardware for the fresh produce supply chain that reduces the risk of foodborne outbreaks. En Solución’s current research and development efforts focus on the design and construction of a novel method of automated ozone nanobubble production. We believe this technology has the potential to to improve the efficacy, environmental impact, and expense of existing post-harvest wash processes. (More Info) is a SaaS identity management platform that securely connects people to the technology they use at work. Gone are the days when computing occurred in walled gardens protected by a hardened network perimeter. Today, organizations of all sizes embrace cloud services and data must be accessible across the public internet.’s solution is differentiated by combining strong device authentication with context-based variable friction to eliminate the need for passwords. (More Info)

For stroke patients, the complexity of the shoulder anatomy renders current physical therapy solutions insufficient which results in long term paralysis and difficulty in returning to work. Harmonic Bionics has developed a sophisticated rehab robot based on clinical evidence. Harmony, our upper-limb rehab robot, corrects the shoulder coordination while the brain re-learns neuromuscular control affected by stroke. The system combines robotics, sensors, machine learning and graphics to deliver an evidence-based approach to neuro-rehabilitation. (More Info)

Indyfin’s vision is to create the most effective personalized wealth management platform for consumers and financial advisers. Financial advisers today charge consumers very high fees – typically 1% of managed assets. Finding a compatible financial adviser is a cumbersome process and services are usually limited to portfolio management, tax and estate planning; there is no specialized advice. Indyfin has developed a psychometric matching algorithm to match consumers with a compatible third-party financial adviser for tailored hourly consulting on an as-needed basis. (More Info)

Every family has to make a choice about child care but there is no single place to compare, review, search and secure childcare options. JuiceBox Hero is an online platform to simplify the difficult task that all parents face: filtering their child care options in a way that is accessible, informative and user-friendly. JuiceBox Hero directly facilitates quality child care matches between parents and providers. (More Info)

Our patent-pending magnetic socks stay together on laundry day, eliminating lost socks. We pour passion, ingenuity, trendy design, fun and love into every pair we create. Not only are SoleMate Sox a major problem solver but we took it a step further and created an eco-friendly, antimicrobial product. Each pair is knitted with the highest quality, butter soft, breathable bamboo – keeping you cool in the summer and warm and cozy during winter. Solemate Sox are moisture and odor wicking to keep your feet dry and funk free. (More Info)

Trip Loop is a B2B company that simplifies group travel coordination. Our integrated desktop administrative dashboard and traveler app enables group travel providers to develop and update itineraries, enhance safety and communicate with their travelers – with and without internet. Trip Loop integrates itinerary development, group location tracking and communication into a single application. (More Info)

Wilder Systems helps aircraft manufacturers cut costs and improve quality by integrating mobile, collaborative robots which do not require significant factory reconfiguration to implement. Due to cost and risk aversion, aircraft factories have gone largely unchanged in the last 60 years. Wilder Systems is leading the evolution away from fixed jigs towards reconfigurable manufacturing cells for the Industry 4.0. (More Info)

H2Optimize is the developer of Hydroid, a genuinely smart water meter. Hydroid improves water use accuracy, reports in real time and stops water waste, reducing consumption up to 30%. The Hydroid system promotes daily water engagement by providing insights, alerts and remote valve control. Hydroid’s advancements increase our water awareness so we can reduce waste, lower bills, conserve water and become better stewards. Hydroid has the real world potential to save billions in money and water. (More Info)

Accelerator Alumni Companies

Abraxas Technology

Abraxas Technology was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2017. After helping build the largest network of digital billboards in Austin at Ads For The Road, Justin Gilfus recognized a need for better analytics within outdoor advertising. We believe digital billboard customers deserve the same engagement and ROI metrics available for online advertisements and now Abraxas Technology can provide them. Our leadership team is committed to bringing real-time data and consumer behavior analytics to the analog world of outdoor advertising. (More Info)

AngelSpan delivers best in class Investor Relations to solve the information gap. With the asymmetric information advantage and data we accumulate, we’ve launched the Legacy Funds platform to solve the funding gap. (More Info)

Brands spend a tremendous amount of money on marketing. A massive part of that marketing spend goes toward driving potential customers to their websites. Unfortunately, brands lose out when +90% of these consumers pivot to shop at retail where less than 1% purchase a product. Brandleap fixes this by allowing the consumer to purchase directly from retail without leaving the brand site resulting in higher sales for the brand and resellers. (More Info)

ClearCam is dedicated to providing clinicians with innovative tools and technologies that maximize their vision and skill in the Operating Room. We accomplish this through implementing simple solutions that enhance minimally invasive surgery. Our core values are of intellectual honesty, speed of light execution, direct communication and simple, elegant design. (More Info)

CoachTube created the world’s largest marketplace for on-demand sport coaching. It is a global platform where any athlete or coach can learn from the greatest coaches in the world through premium on-demand content. This multi-sport marketplace capitalizes on trend changes in technology and demographics, as well as the growth of mobile and peer-peer education. Wade Floyd – its founder – created the company when he predicted the need for a cheaper on-demand alternative to expensive sport camps and physical face to face instruction. (More Info)

Cnverg offers visual planning and strategy for teams. Cnverg is a real time whiteboard that integrates with GitHub, Trello and more! (More Info)

Newormics, LLC, is an innovative biotechnology company established in 2015 to commercialize imaging technology developed at UT Austin. The imaging technology is a proprietary, first-in-class, microfluidics-based platform for high-throughput (HTS) and high-content (HCS) screening of whole-organism, such as humanized C. elegans, and complex cellular models, such as intestinal and other organoids, for toxicology studies. (More Info)

FITT Finder is a mobile app that provides those seeking a healthy lifestyle the fastest and most effective way to connect to ALL local fitness and wellness providers. In one click, searches are streamlined with classes, events, meetups and more, customized by ability, interests, budget and location. Service providers get free, targeted access to new clients along with tools to keep them coming back. (More Info)


Healthsend is a tech-savvy medical billing company. Our revenue cycle strategy is built around productivity-boosting technology and automated workflow. We will offer patients a digital-first payment experience, with lending and payment plans based on soft credit checks and propensity-to-pay technology. Healthsend started operations in early 2019 for its first client, a group of orthopedic surgeons in Austin. Healthsend has secured a commitment for seed round funding. (More Info)

KJ Scientific uses innovative chemical testing for regulatory compliance and safety for human and environmental health. We use fish liver cells and test metabolism of chemicals to determine the potential for accumulation in organisms. We also work with terpenes and are expanding our portfolio into CBD potency, pesticides and residual solvent testing. (More Info)

LAMIK Beauty is a clean makeup line with women of color top of mind with sustainable practices. (More Info)

SandBox Commerce

SandBox Commerce is a no-code solution that empowers small and large e-commerce stores to create, design and launch their own native mobile apps with the SandBox App Builder. SandBox Commerce seamlessly syncs with WooCommerce, Big Commerce and Shopify, instantly maintaining productions, collections and inventory for their entire online store. After connecting a store, it’s as simple as drag and drop to customize their bespoke mobile app to match their brand guidelines. (More Info)


SeriesX’s first venture is Vertalo. Launched in 2018, Vertalo is a fintech company enabling secondary liquidity for private assets by connecting ownership directly to sources of secondary liquidity. In other words, we take the cap table – a registry of owners that has historically been offline – and bring it online, place the investment ownership contracts on blockchain and connect the investors and their holdings to exchanges and ATS’s. Vertalo’s platform enables cost-savings, streamlined operations and flexibility for broker-dealers, issuers and investors. (More Info)

Abstract Engineering LLC has designed Shower Stream – a motion-activated shower head adapter that saves hotels water, energy and money on their utility bills every month and proves the savings with a software analytics dashboard. Shower Stream is as easy to install as a light bulb, simply screw it on behind an existing shower head. The device lets cold water flow out when the shower is first turned on; once the water coming out is warm, the valve shuts off the flow. Once the user returns to use the shower, their presence is automatically detected and the shower flow resumes. (More Info)

Flying Eyes

Summer Hawk Optics, Inc. dba Flying Eyes patented and Z87 safety rated eyewear that’s engineered to fit comfortably under headsets and helmets. The Vision Council industry trade group report shows that 3 out of 4 luxury eyewear purchases are searching for more comfortable eyewear. Our initial markets include pilots (including commercial and military), motorcyclists, motorsports industry and First Responders. Flying Eyes eyewear are already sold through multiple sales channels including direct to consumer, retailers, military procurement as well as corporate customers and channel partnerships. (More Info)

Third Insight builds software that enables Thinking Drones. Our drone platform leverages super-human predictive intelligence by integrating computer vision and artificial intelligence to learn about their environments. Our drones solve problems in real time, plan their own routes and get smarter and smarter over time as new learnings are transferred into a shared, cloud-based knowledge base. (More Info)

Viewer Ready creates custom experiences for stadiums, brands and venues using elements of the branded IP in their immersive experiences while simultaneously collecting data (emails/consumer preferences) and delivering data to clients. We also offer free digital souvenirs in the form of video clips of the immersive experience e­mailed to each user. We currently focus on SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT experiences. (More Info)

Ximena’s Latin Flavors is dedicated to creating exquisite, healthy and versatile Latin food products and introducing them to the American consumer through our unique offerings. We have taken age-old Colombian and Peruvian recipes in particular and made them our own with the focus on making them clean and healthy. Our aim is to shed a positive light on the countries we represent and tell their story to create a connection with our customers. (More Info)

UT Affiliated Startups

Dynamic Light, Inc. develops algorithm and software technology that harnesses the dynamics of light for better healthcare. Our patented technology enables continuous blood flow monitoring of the brain surface using the principles of dynamic light scattering to generate ‘speckle’ images, which yield non-invasive, real-time, continuous, and quantitative visualization of blood flow in living tissues. Dynamic Light’s technology can be easily integrated into a variety of existing surgical platforms for rapid market penetration and it has potential new markets beyond surgical imaging. (More Info)

Locoal provides a solution for the ongoing waste generated from commercial development, utilizing it for clean energy and production of biochar, a byproduct with numerous applications for food security. The unique technology converts commercial landscape waste into volatile greenhouse gases and a traditional natural gas generator utilizes the fuel as a clean energy source for electricity.


UT Organizations

Since 2001, the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship, Growth and Renewal has been dedicated to promoting research and innovation at The University of Texas at Austin. By encouraging collaboration among researchers, developers and investors, we play an important role in maintaining central Texas’ reputation as one of the nation’s most influential business communities. Great ideas are worth exploring and the Kelleher Center strives to be a place where those ideas –and the people who conceive them — can flourish. (More Info)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Agency is a division of the UT Graduate Student Assembly. Our mission is to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among UT graduate students by empowering them to bring more innovations into the marketplace while creating mutual benefits for all stakeholders. (More Info)

Texas Health Catalyst supports researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in accelerating the translation of innovations to health products. A collaborative initiative with the Cockrell School of Engineering, College of Natural Sciences, College of Pharmacy and Office of Technology Commercialization at The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Health Catalyst aims to identify promising innovations, offer customized guidance from industry and clinical experts and provide milestone-based seed funding for exceptional projects. (More Info)

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