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Locoal wins Wells Fargo Clean Tech Award at TVLIC

Posted in TVL Investment Competition

Locoal won the Wells Fargo Clean Tech Award at the Fall 2018 Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) on November 30, 2018.

Locoal provides a solution for the ongoing waste generated from commercial development, utilizing it for clean energy and production of biochar, a byproduct with numerous applications for food security. The unique technology converts commercial landscape waste into volatile greenhouse gases and a traditional natural gas generator utilizes the fuel as a clean energy source for electricity.

Matthew Peterson is the founder and Miles Murray serves as the CEO. Both are currently enrolled in UT Austin’s Masters of Science and Technology program.

“Participating and winning the Clean Energy award and elevator pitch at the TVL competition was very rewarding and demonstrates the education provided by the MSTC program,” said Peterson.

The $5,000 Wells Fargo Clean Tech Award is given to the company that the judges found to be the most potentially commercially viable (fundable) and that also had the greatest potential clean technology impact.

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