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2018 Fall Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition Winners Announced

Posted in TVL Investment Competition received first place in the Fall 2018 Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) on November 30, 2018. proclaims to be the guardian of your online identity and personal data. The company provides working professionals and job seekers with the tools to take back control of their online brand and privacy.

The other four finalists include Auto Labs in second place receiving $5,000, Bloom in third place receiving $2,000, Somerset Sparkling in fourth place receiving $1,000, and iFoodly in fifth place receiving $1,000. In addition to awarding the top five teams, TVLIC also awards teams for specialized honors such as the Wells Fargo Clean Technology Award, the James D. Pippin Veteran Award, and the E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Award.

This year’s recipient of the Wells Fargo Clean Technology Award of $5,000 is Locoal. Locoal provides a solution for the ongoing waste generated from commercial development, utilizing it for clean energy and production of biochar, a byproduct with numerous applications for food security. The unique technology converts commercial landscape waste into volatile greenhouse gases and a traditional natural gas generator utilizes the fuel as a clean energy source for electricity.

Blacktop received the James D. Pippin Veteran Award of $1,000 given to the most promising startup in TVLIC with one or more veteran co-founders. Blacktop provides franchised, automotive dealers with the first business intelligence software developed to improve profitability through data aggregation, data mining and intelligent recommendations to plug profit leaks and maximize profit opportunities in new, used, fleet, finance, service, parts and body shop departments.

The E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Award goes to three teams that competed in TVLIC and gave the best elevator pitch for their business in two minutes. This year’s winners were Locoal, CloXero and Each team will receive $1,000.

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