Jon Brumley Visits UT Austin and Shares How to Get a Job After College

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This past semester, Texas Venture Labs was visited by our benefactor and primary endowment donor, Mr. Jon Brumley. Each semester Mr. Brumley visits campus to meet with the leaders of the TVL Leadership Practicum, a class for graduate students at UT Austin, who have completed the TVL Associates Practicum class. This year, he shared his thoughts on how to get the perfect job after college.

Jon Brumley, BBA ’61 has had a long career of success. It didn’t start out that way. His first job after his MBA he actually quit on the first day. Why did he quit? Read on to see how he got that job and how he has navigated his career to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in UT history. From his lessons, you might learn how to land that perfect job for you right after college.

Jon Brumley was willing to move after college, something fewer students are willing to do these days. As such, his first job was right in the field he thought he wanted to be: an actuarial. He got the job through his MBA program office and thought it would be just what he was looking to do. When he arrived, however, he learned the job would not be what he thought. He’d be busy doing things with accounting better left to those who could stomach the job. He quit on the spot.

Landing his second job was a bit more challenging. He called a friend who worked at a company that didn’t really need anyone. Jon convinced them by phone to give him a chance, even at a lower salary. Jon knew a lot about that company and knew he’d like to work there. In fact, Jon was willing to start working there at the lowest level. After some discussion, the company saw his charisma and passion and decided to create a job for him. Years later, he would become the president of that company.

How did he become president? That is another story altogether, but the trick was that Jon decided to get a job at a company that was growing fast, very fast!  This and five other tips are what Mr. Brumley shared with students about finding that first perfect job:

  1. Know what you want and what makes you happy.
  2. Take less salary for a job where you can learn and eventually make a big contribution.
  3. Prepare for your interview by really learning about the company and then demonstrate how badly you want to work there and use your charisma to show it.
  4. Network, Network and Apply. You can only get a job you apply for and networking can get you inside information about what jobs are open and what they are looking for.
  5. Join a fast growing company at a lower level than you think you deserve, then deliver results and you will rise up in the ranks very fast.

We at TVL thank Jon Brumley for his wisdom and passion, and of course for being our primary sponsor. Got questions for Mr. Brumley? Send them to us and we will ask for you at our next semester meeting.

Jon Brumley file Photo Courtesy McCombs

14 TVL Accelerator Companies are ready to shake and bake after Spring 2017

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From Clean Tech, Technology, Lifescience, Consumer Goods and Services, Texas Venture Labs was proud to usher this cohort to becoming Investor Ready!

Each pre- and post revenue company worked with a specially curated set of practicum graduate students from January to May to define and refine their problem statements. This included a consulting deliverable, pitch preparation and the opportunity to present at the TVL VentureExpo. Sweet icing on the cake!

Take a look at this cohort and learn more about all of TVL’s Accelerator Companies here.

Interested in becoming an Accelerator Company, apply now! TVL now has rolling application submissions towards the next cohort if you miss the June 30th deadline for Fall 2017 cohort.

Spring 2017 Accelerator Companies

Beam Energy Group is a powerful business-to-business procurement platform for collaboration, transactions and financing specifically for the solar industry. The key value proposition is to simplify the procurement process by connecting buyers and sellers, standardizing transactions, improving communication and providing access to capital, ultimately improving revenues and margins.
CoachTube is an online sports education marketplace that gives every athlete in the world access to the instruction, knowledge and motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes and as students. CoachTube provides access to online training from the world’s best coaches. The lessons are available on-demand and students can learn when and where it’s convenient for them. Whether Coaches are looking to improve online presence or reinforce private lessons, CoachTube gives them the control and flexibility to monetize their work, build their brand and expand their market size.
Cutting Edge Gamer meets enthusiast PC gamers’ desire to have the latest and greatest high-end graphics card – and matches their entertainment needs – with lease offerings and a free Infinite Upgrades® Program that gamers find attractive and affordable.
Degree Analytics has a patent-pending solution that is able to identify at-risk students early and provide specific insights to act on. Unlike traditional machine learning methods, Degree Analytics uses siloed yet available sensor data such as Wi-Fi access logs to actually understand student behavior – like approximating class attendance or library usage. Its machine learning algorithms detect students that are at-risk based on their behavior – like not attending class. Compared to traditional approaches, this is a paradigm shift that allows universities to see and understand their students that previously was never possible.
Discover LOLA provides a three-pronged approach to the perfect shopping experience. The online store is personally curated to only include high quality clothing and accessories. Flexible subscription allows customers to select the items they want to ensure they love the items they receive. A unique social shopping experience with monthly pop-up shop events that lets customers engage with a stylist while discovering new trends with friends. With this three-pronged approach, Discover LOLA is able to meet a customer in her element, in her favorite locations.
Earthly Labs’ carbon capture technology platforms are focused on four stages: capture, filtration, storage and monitoring. Earthly services include CO2 auditing, brokering CO2 sale, offering rebates, structuring financing and retiring CO2 credits. The small-scale technology takes a low concentration CO2, eliminates water and other impurities and purifies it to an easily portable, high-concentration CO2 for easy pick up and recycling. The first commercial capture solution is focused on fermentation using NASA technology. The company has identified additional market segments for future expansion in commercial buildings (natural gas boilers) and residential (hot water heater and ambient air).
eyeQ enables brands to increase sales by bringing the power of e-Commerce insights to the retail shelf. eyeQ Go is a result of existing Fortune 100 customers and prospects needing a low-cost, battery powered shelf based system to effectively measure and optimize their in-store campaigns which aligns with their budget cycles. eyeQ Go brings the most effective aspect of e-Commerce – analytics – and brings it into the physical store. Powered by standard AA batteries and with a life span of up to 90 days in store, eyeQ Go aligns with a brand’s campaign cycle and provides a measurable way for them to determine in-store display effectiveness. eyeQ Go can determine shopper age, gender and emotion, frequency of visit, multi-store visits, total shopper count, direction of travel, velocity and how close shoppers get to their display.
Half Helen Foundation is developing C-MORE, a mobile case management tool (mHealth) that streamlines mobile data collection and tracks students through a continuum of service delivery. Primary features include: Parent Notification – email and text message notification of child’s screening results; Coordinated Care – direct communication through a HIPAA compliant platform eliminates barriers between stakeholders, enabling access to affordable medical treatment and corrective wear; Collection and Analyzation of Data – the significant scale in collection and analysis of never-before recorded data can eventually be used to guide health policy recommendations at the state and federal level.
HomePlate Peanut ButterAmerican consumers are craving the nostalgically delicious peanut butter from their childhood, but feel the desire or pressure to eat healthier. HomePlate Peanut Butter is made with simple, wholesome, better-for-you ingredients that are all-natural and sustainably-produced. But more importantly, the peanut butter brings rich, roasted peanuty flavor and a smooth consistency, giving consumers the best of both worlds.
Prosodio is a software application that employs real-time speech processing, combined with AI and adaptive learning structured on the latest in literacy research that listens to the readers, assesses their abilities and recommends personalized instructions for improvement. The application will unlock user-facing features over time as the child develops from shared reading with their parents (free) to a structured data capture, analysis and planning tool that can be used through grade school (paid subscription).
RollCall provides a modern, easy-to-use platform to manage successful fundraising events. Initially targeting small- to medium-sized nonprofits, RollCall maximizes funds raised from ticketing, table sponsorships, paddle raises and silent and live auctions for events from galas and luncheons to golf tournaments. RollCall’s mobile app streamlines check-ins and check-outs with rapid payment processing through a mobile credit card reader. RollCall also maintains a private banking account for every event – facilitating accurate, real-time financial oversight and accounting transparency.
Smarter Sorting provides municipalities off-the-shelf scanning hardware that collects the barcode, weight, dimensions and pictures of each product. Then the software does the heavy lifting, pulling together disparate databases to create robust data records for each item. The data enables automated sorting of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) based on waste category, chemical composition or other best practices. In turn, Smarter Sorting can reduce the number of products that end up in expensive “burn bins” and instead create bins of sorted products that are sold into markets that already buy these products in large quantities (e.g., fertilizers to golf courses, oil-based paint to oil field services companies).
Vindolor is a Phase 2 clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of pain, both acute and chronic. Vindolor’s initial focus is on the development of TRPV1-OLAM enzyme inhibitors (approach 1) for the treatment of burn pain and burning mouth syndrome (BMS); an orphan drug designation opportunity. The enzyme inhibitor product opportunities are currently being tested and evaluated with 60+ burn patients under an FDA cleared protocol funded by a grant from the Department of Defense. The aptamer program (approach 2) will be geared towards nociceptive and neuropathic pain conditions.
VIPatient’s telehealth platform enables healthcare providers to conduct HIPAA-compliant virtual webcam consultations with their patients. The convenience-focused web application allows providers to offer round-the-clock access or can replace an in-person visit with a virtual equivalent. Accessible from web-cam enabled PCs or mobile devices, the platform is device agnostic. Physicians see the benefit of offering better service and patients appreciate the additional access. Better yet, insurance companies see the opportunity in telehealth and most reimburse these virtual consultations at the same rate as an in-person exam.