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Student Profile: Ryan Lieberman – Co-Founder of Camp SPARK
Ryan Lieberman, a freshman in the program, started Camp SPARK, with his brother Blake, in the Summe (More)
BHP Alumna and COO of Knoll, Inc. Shared Insight with Current Students
Lynn Utter, COO of Knoll, Inc. and Director of Wesco International, Inc. came last Wednesday to speak at the sophomore lyceum course. Through her back-and-f (More)
BHP Student Spotlight: Robert Belanger
BHP Junior, Robert Belanger, grew up in Syracuse, NY, but found his way to Texas and loves being an Austinite and BHP student.  He is a peer ad (More)
Alumni Spotlight: Neel and Bridgette Naik Make Strides in AIDS Care
BHP husband and wife duo Neel and Bridgette Naik have taken a different route from many of our grads and are making strides in the arena of AIDS car (More)
Dare Greatly to Change the World for the Better
The following post is written by Texas MSTC Class of 2015 graduate, Rainya Mosher. You can find this original post and more by Rainya on More)
Student Profile: Elise Loney – HBA President
BHP junior, Elise Loney, found her niche in the Honors Business Association (HBA) during her first year at UT. She has taken (More)
BHP senior, Helen Tau, joins Texas Women’s Basketball as a walk-on
It is a rare occurrence to experience a dream come true, which is exactly how BHP senior Helen Tau describes becoming part of the More)
BHP seniors honored by Texas Parents as 2013 Outstanding Student Finalists
Michelle Moon (left) and Holland Finley (right) Congratulations to BHP seniors (More)
BHP Professors Use Innovative Techniques In The Classroom
We often hear from alumni and parents asking about the BHP classroom experience and what new things students are doing in the program. This semester two BHP professors tried something new with their classes. Dr. Leigh McAlister, who teaches BHP Princ (More)
BHP Finance Major Creates A Mobile Application To Increase Productivity
If you’ve ever wished for an easier way to organize and manage everything you need to get done then you are in luck because there’s an app for that; More)
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