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BHP Students Take 2nd Place at National Stock Pitch Competition
This weekend, a team of four BHP University Securities Investment Team (USIT) students traveled to the University of Michigan Ross School of Business to compete in one of the oldest undergraduate stock pitch competi (More)
Student Spotlight: John Falke
BHP and Supply Chain Management senior John Falke never thought a big state school would be the right fit for him, but after attending Discover BHP as a senior in high school, he realized that UT and BHP were exactly where he wanted to be.  After fou (More)
Students Compete in International Case Competition at USC
In February a BBA team of three BHP juniors and one iMPA junior competed in the Marshall International Case Competition at USC. Only 17 top-ranked international and U.S. business school (More)
Student Spotlight: Gracie Chambers
BHP sophomore Gracie Chambers is a marketing major from Ft. Worth, TX. Gracie characterizes herself as a creative, with an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s (More)
Student Spotlight: Don Dao
BHP Sophomore Don Dao was raised a longhorn; his entire family went to UT. Even with this upbringing, he envisioned himself leavi (More)
Student Spotlight: Bethany Rolan
BHP senior Bethany Rolan was originally intimidated by the size of UT and envisioned herself at  small liberal arts college in (More)
Daniel Miyares: Student Spotlight
Maryland native Daniel Miyares has always had his heart set on the south. When he visited UT as a high school student, he fell in lo (More)
Major Representatives Help Students Choose Additional Business Major
For the past two years, BHP has sought out upperclassmen representing each business major to serve as Major Representatives. Major Representatives are available to help underclassmen trying to determine which business major would be the best fit for (More)
Senior Nadia Senter is living her dream working for Universal Music Group
BHP senior Nadia Senter has wanted to work in the music industry since high school. She got her wish when she landed a coveted internship with the Grammys, which then led to an even more coveted internship with More)
Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Hwang, Class of 1990
Taylor Hwang, BHP ’90, has had a varied career in emerging technologies and entrepreneurship, working on both coasts, in Korea, and in various industries. He is currently Head of Strategic Relationships at an advanced data analytics company in San Fr (More)
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