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Application of Intent and Changes to the CPA Exam Workshop
Students/Candidates: Ever wondered what the process is to sit for the CPA Exam? Interested in strategies for taking the CPA exam? This workshop is for you!  Donn (More)
Becker CPA Review Course
Did you know that Becker offers a live class at UT? To find out more information contact Meredith Harigan at mharigan@becker.com. More)
CPA Exam Changes: Webcast for Students
Prepare yourself for CPA Exam success. Join the “What to Expect from the Next Version CPA Exam” webcast and ask the CPAs who helped develop the exam questions about the new version of the exam, rolling out in April 2017. Industry feedback shows CP (More)
CPA Strategy & Planning Info Session Presented by the AICPA & Becker
The AICPA and Becker are teaming up to answer prospective CPA candidates' questions regarding the CPA career planning and exam study tips. The info session will cover topics such as the 2017 CPA exam updates and resources provided by the AICPA. If yo (More)
CPA Exam Changes: Webcast for Students
The Uniform CPA Examination is changing April 2017 - Make sure you're ready. CPAs are doing more than ever. Their jobs are more interesting, more complex and more heavily influenced by technology and changes in the business environment. As a re (More)
The American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants Austin Events
The American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) is coming to Austin. AWSCPA is a national organization with a mission to connect and support women CPAs. The goal of establishing a presence in Austin is to provide opportunities f (More)
Becker Review Course Scholarship
The Becker Review Course Scholarship offered by the Austin CPA Chapter/CPE Foundation covers two sections of the Becker Review Course. To be considered for this scholarship, a student/candidate must: * Be a current TSCPA Student/Candidate member ( (More)
Austin CPA Chapter Scholarships
The Austin CPA Chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants offers scholarships to accounting students who are junior, senior or graduate students, who have a 3.0 GPA or better, have completed the Intermediate I course and who intend (More)
Newton D. Becker Scholarship Program
Becker Professional Education is proud to offer its third annual Newton D. Becker Scholarship program, created in honor of Becker's founder. The scholarship focuses on Newt's vision of helping students fulfill their dreams of earning the CPA cred (More)
Becker CPA Scholarship
Are you taking the CPA exam next year, but you need help paying for a review course? Apply for a Becker CPA Review scholarship! More information can be found here: www.becker.com/scholarships. Submi (More)
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