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Student Spotlight: Amberlea Tribble
Amberlea Tribble is a sophomore majoring in BHP and Finance. She is a dedicated and accomplished equestrian, competing in (More)
Student Spotlight: Humza Tariq
BHP Junior, Humza Tariq, is the founder and president of the Texas Sports Analytics Group and co-chair for both the Texas Undergraduate Investment Team an (More)
Student Spotlight: Catherine King - HBA President
BHP Senior, Catherine King, is the current president of the Honors Business Association. Catherine is majoring in BHP and MIS. This past summer, she (More)
Student Profile: Ryan Lieberman – Co-Founder of Camp SPARK
Ryan Lieberman, a freshman in the program, started Camp SPARK, with his brother Blake, in the Summe (More)
Student Spotlight: Stephanie Morgan
BHP sophomore Stephanie Morgan, is taking advantage of as many opportunities as she can while she is in school. A Plan II Honors and BHP major, she fe (More)
BHP Advisory Board Chair, Dominic Sung, Honored with McCombs Rising Star Award
Dominic Sung, BHP ’03, BBA ’03, recently took on the role of chair for the BHP Advisory Board and is being honored with the prestigious McCombs Rising Star A (More)
Student Spotlight: Holland Finley
BHP junior Holland Finley loves sports. She is a world champion wakeboarder and has competed in pole-vaulting, cheerleading and diving as well. (More)
BHP Alumna and COO of Knoll, Inc. Shared Insight with Current Students
Lynn Utter, COO of Knoll, Inc. and Director of Wesco International, Inc. came last Wednesday to speak at the sophomore lyceum course. Through her back-and-f (More)
Alumni Spotlight: Angie Lee - Marketing and Communications Director at General Assembly
Marketing guru, Angie Lee, BHP ’99, has led marketing strategy for some very different types of organizations from More)
Alumni Spotlight: Kevin Curry - Senior Communications Analyst and Social Media Manager for Dell
As the the Senior Communications Analyst and Social Media Manager for Dell, Kevin Curry is responsible for developing s (More)
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