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Student Spotlight: Humza Tariq
BHP Junior, Humza Tariq, is the founder and president of the Texas Sports Analytics Group and co-chair for both the Texas Undergraduate Investment Team an (More)
Student Spotlight: Catherine King - HBA President
BHP Senior, Catherine King, is the current president of the Honors Business Association. Catherine is majoring in BHP and MIS. This past summer, she (More)
Internship Spotlight: Michael Valdez – BHP Junior
BHP junior, Michael Valdez, knew beginning his freshman year that he wanted to do an internship with Google. Starting the search for an internship early paid off wh (More)
BHP Freshman Pioneers Innovative High School Tutoring Program
BHP freshman, Anisha Srivastava, started a unique mentoring program this year called Project Activate. The program is designed to bring college students an (More)
Junior Bradley Roofner Pursues Passion for Entrepreneurship
Within two weeks of starting at UT, BHP junior, Bradley Roofner, partnered with his roommate and Computer Science junior, Logan Brown, and co-founded HatTe (More)