Have you been searching for tips on interviewing for your dream internship? Look no further! Read this quick article from This Way to CPA… you might just recognize our very own MPA Senior Career Consultant, Jo Chauvin, quoted in the article!


How to interview for your dream internship

Here are some important steps to take when preparing for your internship interviews.

Interviewing for an accounting internship can be one of the most important moments of your college career. Employers often offer their top interns permanent positions, and, even if you choose not to work for the organization you interned for after graduation, having the experience will help bolster your résumé.

What’s more, interviewing for an internship is also great practice for interviewing for a staff job, because the process is nearly the same.

“It’s the same employers in the same process, same questions, same amount of networking,” said Jo Chauvin, senior career consultant in the Master in Professional Accounting program at The University of Texas at Austin.

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