So, third-year internship recruiting is in full swing, congratulations!  You are making progress towards getting a great internship and learning more about what you can do with your Accounting degree.

Fourth/Fifth/Traditional students who are still seeking, this is a great opportunity for you to connect or re-connect with employers that may be around campus.  So, be on the lookout for MPA events that you can participate (OCR > Events Tab).  You’ll need to bring your story as well; firms have openings for 2014 and 2015 still, so emphasize your grad date!

Now, let’s talk briefly about the story you are going to start telling employers from here on out.  Consistency is your friend (regardless of year).  I know that there a lot of questions being asked of you right now and you may not know.  Like, what are your long-term career goals?  What location do you prefer?  Why?  What track are you pursuing?  What kind of Accounting work is most appealing to you?  And many more.  Many times students don’t know what they want to be, where they ultimately want to end up, or why they *think* this career path is for them.  Many times we don’t even know all the options that are available!  So, if this resonates with you, the good news is – you are not alone!  Take heart, it’s okay.  With that being said, I encourage you to have these types of conversations with a Career Consultant.  We will help you sort some of this stuff out; as of right now talking with a Career Consultant can be a place to explore.  When recruiting; however, you want a prepared and direct story.  Why?  Because that is where you are trying to find a job.  It’s like going into a flower shop and when the flower shop owner says, “What can I get you?”  You answer, “Well I like ALL the flowers, maybe I like tulips, or roses, oh but my sister really loves peonies, I don’t know which one is for me!”  Now, if you come in (after having done research) you can say with confidence, “I like pink peonies in a large elaborate decorative vase.”  Now the shop owner can help you help yourself.

The point is, being able to communicate your story (location, position, and internship/full time + grad date) can go a long way in driving your own career in recruiting events.  When change happens, the story can change.  If you are considering a change, come in to speak with a Career Consultant because changes and how you communicate your change are very individualized.  But, don’t feel like you have to know everything about your future.  For now, just focus on location, position, and when you graduate.  Preparing questions for the firms would be a good strategy as well.  But not having a strategy at all can hurt you more than help you.

Here is a good example, ‘Hi, my name is Dawn Shaw, I am a fourth-year MPA looking for audit positions in New York.  I will be graduating in Spring 2015 and really look forward to learning more about the firm.”

THEN, prepare for follow up questions like, why New York?  Why audit?  Why our firm?

Here is a not so good example, “Hi, my name is Dawn.  I am a third-year, I’m not sure about my track yet, what kinds of positions are available right now?  And I really would love an internship in New York, but most of my family is in Texas.  What are my chances in getting into the New York office?”

There is a time and place for these questions.  They are actually great questions!  Make an appointment with Vinh, Michelle or I and let’s talk about it.  For recruiting though; I recommend you settle on something first.  THEN, if there is a change in your story, you communicate the new story.

Best of Luck,

Dawn Shaw, Career Consultant