The New Year is here!  No matter where you are in your recruiting timeline, academic year, what happened last semester, or just tired of it all; there are new opportunities to be had in 2014.  Putting the past behind, however wonderful or miserable, what lies ahead are endless options.  Sometimes it seems like there is only one way or the absolute other direction.  We either get the job we want or all the others won’t satisfy.  We pass or fail.  This or that.  My challenge to you, in this New Year, is entertain the shades of grey.  There are always more options than what it seems.  Here are a couple suggestions to keep an open mind in creating opportunities this year:

1)      Look for what you want – to be successful here, you must know what you want.  Or at least have a vague idea.  “I want a tax internship in my home town.”  “I want a new TV.”  “I want to ace my midterms.”  What you are looking for may be right in front of you, say in OCR.  And it may not.  There are multiple avenues to find what you are looking for.  For example, through an acquaintance, a Career Consulting appointment, a random bumping into someone in line at Starbucks.  The idea is to remain open and looking for opportunity wherever it presents itself.  Sometimes, even in the unexpected.

2)      Be ready – that means clearly communicating what you want.  It means having ready what your goals are.  If you are not ready for the opportunity, it will be hard to find.  Although, some things fall right into your lap, most things are given only when you are ready to receive them.  So, be prepared for the good grades or the great job!

3)      Don’t give up – if you don’t see the position in OCR or anywhere with your intelligent searching skills, ask.  Ask us, ask your friends, ask your parents.  Don’t give up.  Keep asking and searching until you get closer to the goal.

4)      Avoid negative thinking – no matter what situation, negative thinking usually doesn’t help us in getting what we want.  Emotions can drag us to thinking negatively; however, just like doing a push-up, you can mentally shove out negative thoughts like “I’ll never find what I want.” or “No one will want to hire me.”

  • If you want to talk it out or learn more tips, come see me.  Walk-ins for Spring 2014: Mondays 2 – 3 p.m. and Thursdays 9 – 10 a.m.
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Have a great Spring 2014 semester!

Dawn Shaw, MPA Career Consultant