Taylor Brown

Taylor BrownName: Taylor Brown
Hometown: Southlake, TX
MPA Track: Audit
Program: iMPA
Graduation date: Spring 2018

Hobbies: Reading, Indoor Cycling, Foodie (trying new places in town)

Why the University of Texas?
I actually went to elementary school in Austin. So, I grew up as a baby longhorn. When I got older and I realized I wanted to go to business school, it just so happened that McCombs was one of the top ranked undergraduates business schools in the country. UT’s amazing campus, great location and fantastic business school made for a deal I couldn’t pass up, especially with the in state tuition.

Why did you choose MPA? I actually attended the DYNAMC program when I was a junior in high school. This program introduced students to accounting. It was hosted by EY and McCombs. It’s actually funny because I originally signed up for the program that focused on marketing. For some reason, I was placed in the accounting program. It must’ve been fate because I loved it. After taking my intro accounting classes, I knew accounting was the right major for me. The program being number one in the country doesn’t hurt either.


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