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The Last Spring Break


From Big Bend Nat’l Park, March 2010

I remember when I was a senior in college, my friends and I would talk about the last spring break and how we should make it count by doing something exceptional. However, I do not remember doing anything special that spring break three years ago. Before I knew it, I was back in school, and my friends and I were, again, talking about where to go during our last spring break. This time around, I am determined to make this break memorable. After all, it will be almost impossible to get a week off in the middle of March once I enter the workforce. Subsequent to some discussions and research on destinations and limitations, we explored the possibilities of Colorado, Cancun, and finally decided to take a road trip to Big Bend National Park.

I have never taken a road trip with my friends before, and I think the last time I was at a national park was at least seven years ago when my family went to Yosemite. My excitement was thus mixed with some anxiety of not knowing what to expect out of the trip. But, I did know for certain that the trip would be awesome because of the people I was going with. The participants of the trip consisted of my dear friend and classmate Ming-Chan, her boyfriend Tung-Yeh, our mutual friend Jack, and me. Four people, one Toyota Camry (fixed just in time for the trip!), and a lot of snacks and instant noodles.

The drive began mid-morning on the Friday before spring break officially started. We had a German wurst and schnitzel lunch in Fredericksburg then drove for seven hours almost non-stop to Big Bend (thanks, Jack!)

From Big Bend Nat’l Park, March 2010

For all three nights of our vacation, we stayed at the Chisos Mountains Lodge, the park’s only lodging. For the next couple of days, we hiked into the desert seeking Balanced Rock, down into the Santa Elena Canyon, up onto the canyon overlooking the Rio Grande Village, and played on the sandy beach of the Rio Grande. Continue reading The Last Spring Break