Hook ’em Horns, baby!

Unlike the vast majority of students at UT, I was fortunate enough to have a freshman year where the UT football team ended as National Champions.  The day Vince Young announced he was going into the NFL draft, I am pretty sure a small part of me died inside thinking that we would never win again.

But here we are again, ranked No. 1 in the country after beating down OU and then giving Chase Daniels a humiliating back-to-back loss.  It is all very exciting, I think, even for those of us who are not all into the football mentality.  Just this last Friday, I was walking to the UT women’s soccer game, and at 6:30 p.m. there were ALREADY people lining up for ESPN game day.  Now, I did not wake up before sunrise the next morning just to go scream obnoxiously, but I do applaud those who had the school spirit and got on TV.

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Don’t make it a chore

Guess where I am? I am at a boutique hotel in downtown Houston. And, no, I am not playing hooky. Quite to the contrary, I am here on important business. I am here, by invitation of a public accounting firm, for my second-round interview at the office where I will potentially be working. Luckily, since I have had some experience participating in undergraduate recruiting, the concept of office visit is not foreign to me. Nevertheless, the whole recruiting process is still nerve-wracking and requires a lot of preparation. Since I am at the eve of the end of the process, let me just briefly walk you through my experience recruiting as a traditional MPA student so far.

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