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Meet (back row) Paul,Alexandria,Valerie, Xinmiao, (front row) Karen, Melissa, and Allison.

We are happy to welcome our newest batch of student bloggers. As MPA students, they have a unique perspective of the college experience. Being a part of the top program for accounting can be very challenging but it is also very rewarding.
Follow them as they share their visions of what it means to be a part of McCombs MPA, live in Austin, and balance the tricky world of fun and education. For new students and old, these writers have tons of helpful tips and real world experience for you to learn from.

Welcome Paul, Melissa, Karen, Allison, Valerie, Alexandria and Xinmiao. You can learn more about each of the writers in their profile pages.

With so much going on in Austin and in Accounting, there is certainly a lot to blog about. 



Check out our #1 Ranking in US News & World Report!

Check out our #1 ranking in US News & World Report.

Summer Review III

Welcome back to school! Congratulations to a new class of about 350 Traditional and Integrated MPA Students! I’m sure that you all will have a great time in this program.

The question that probably remains is why am I blogging about summer review even though school has started. Three reasons: (1) You can still take a look at these blogs as you study for your classes;  (2) Another summer will come for which to review by (seeing as the blogs are archived, they’ll be accessible for a couple years); and (3) We’re still in the triple-digits, so by my standards, it’s still summer.

First, some thoughts for this week. … here to read more

Summer Review II

June seems like it just whizzed by, right? The heat swelters across the Forty Acres; time seems like it is merely an illusion, as days pass by like water under the Congress St. Bridge while minutes by the lake linger lazily on. Perfect for a cup of coffee and a little bit of review.

The week was not completely eventless though: … here to read more

Summer Review I

We all know that championships are won during the off-season. It is this additional preparation that gives contenders an advantage months down the road. Thus, this column will conclude with an accounting concept every week for the next several installments or so. Whether you are just entering the program, a fourth-year student about to take on Intermediate Accounting, or about to finish up, the concepts to be presented should help enforce (or even set) the foundation for what you will see in the next couple of months.

As usual, though, I will begin with some interesting news bits from this past week.

The Sixth Sense?

Researchers from the UMass Medical School say they may have detected a gene that allows people to detect magnetic fields via the retina. Although research is early, they say that this extra sense would be mostly involved in sensing spatial orientation. Read more from the New York Times.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes, et al (2011)

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that a case brought before them could not be tried as a class action lawsuit. A woman accusing Wal-Mart of sexual discrimination tried to file a class action lawsuit with about 1.5 million other women. The Court, however, threw the case out because of a lack of commonality. Justice Scalia, who delivered the opinion of the court, wrote “A regional pay disparity, for example, may be attributable to only a small set of Wal-Mart stores, and cannot by itself establish the uniform, store-by-store disparity upon which the plaintiffs’ theory of commonality depends…[R]espondents have identified no ‘specific employment practice’—much less one that ties all 1.5 million claims together.”

Commonality is “the rule requiring a plaintiff to show that ‘there are questions of law or fact common to the class’” and requires the plaintiff to “demonstrate that the class members ‘have suffered the same injury.’” The Supreme Court did not actually rule on the Title VII violation accusation (which actually caused some dissent amongst the justices because of the timing of the dismissal along which this decision sets a precedent), but, rather, it may have established what is necessary in order to file a class action lawsuit in the first place. The New York Times article may be found here.


Summer Review: SFAS No. 5

It is my intention to go over what I would consider the Ten Essential FASes this summer. SFAS No. 5 is a classic.  This statement is known for its ambiguity because it is so overarching; however, it is because it covers so much—especially in principle—that makes it essential for understanding the nature of accounting. … here to read more