Julie Spurlock

Julie SpurlockName: Julie Spurlock
Hometown:Fort Worth, TX.
MPA track:Tax!
Class status: tMPA
Graduation date: May 2018

Why did you choose the MPA program?
I chose the MPA program because it is the #1 graduate accounting program in the nation, and I knew it would challenge me both academically and professionally. I knew the professors were all beyond qualified and I wanted to learn from their professional experiences and classes. Also, who wouldn’t want to be a Longhorn? #HookEm

What do you look forward to most about your MPA experience?
I am looking forward to exploring Austin as much as I can while in this program and learning from all of the brilliant professors and classmates I will meet throughout this experience.

What have you been doing since you received your undergraduate degree?
Since I graduated in May 2017, I have been having the time of my life working at ATKG, LLP, a local public accounting firm in San Antonio.

What led you to accounting?
I was originally attracted to accounting because of the structured nature of the material and profession. I have stayed with accounting and specialized in tax because of the problem solving aspect associated with tax work and the relationships built with clients and coworkers.

What advice do you have for students interested in the MPA program?
For anyone interested in the MPA program and attempting to decide their after-graduation plans, I would advise them to choose the path that will lead to the most growth. Moving to a new city is scary and joining a program with the smartest accounting students in the nation is intimidating, but the professional and personal growth you will gain from the MPA experience is so worth it.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
MPA lounge for sure! (and the various coffee trucks-ask for a punch card when you buy your coffee!)

Where are your favorite places to go and favorite things to do in Austin?
One of my favorite spots in Austin is Buzzmill Coffee! They are open 24 hours and in addition to selling great coffee, they also make their own (delicious!) liquors and have a chill night scene. There is lots of outdoor seating, and outside they have a couple food trucks to splurge on after an afternoon of studying!

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