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Find that happy place

DSC01569I wholeheartedly second, third, and fourth Darrin’s earlier post (“Wanted: Sherlock Homes WannaBe”). I had a similar week last week. Thus, after I turned in my Tax Research case on Saturday (thank you, Prof. Zvinakis, for the extension!), you guessed it! I rushed to San Marcos with a friend for some retail therapy. San Marcos Prime Outlet is a familiar place to me since my UT alumna sister has also found her happy place there and took me with her many times. I have to say, after borrowing some of my future income to pay for that pair of designer jeans in Neiman Marcus (30% additional discount, no less!), I felt so much better about my busy week. For people who are not impulsive spenders like me, this outlet is also a good place for suits, blouses, slacks, and other business attire at heftily discounted prices. Continue reading Find that happy place

The good life

“The good life” requires some semblance of balance between work, play, service, family, friends, hobbies, health, travel, personal development, and eating at In-N-Out. We all know this.

However, it’s not always easy to

1 – Understand our own priorities


2 – Spend our time and efforts according to those priorities.

Fortunately, my good friends, I have it all figured out*. And so, without further ado, I give you . . . [drum roll crescendo and gong sound] . . . Continue reading The good life

Late-October letters

Dear Future Self,

Don’t worry. Even though I’ve been slammed with homework and interviews for quite some time now and have barely had time to keep up with my one show (Heroes), I’m going to continue pushing through to the end to provide you with a great foundation of accounting knowledge, good grades, and, if all goes well, a job. I’m very invested in your career, as you know. And I don’t mind that you’re enjoying the fruits of MY labor. Because, hey! You’re a great guy. And you deserve it.


Present Self


Dear Audit Mid-Term Exam II,

I didn’t know any one test could cover so many lists. I’m really impressed! Way to go.


Audit student who woke up quite early this morning to review several pages of lists about internal controls

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Hook ’em Horns, baby!

Unlike the vast majority of students at UT, I was fortunate enough to have a freshman year where the UT football team ended as National Champions.  The day Vince Young announced he was going into the NFL draft, I am pretty sure a small part of me died inside thinking that we would never win again.

But here we are again, ranked No. 1 in the country after beating down OU and then giving Chase Daniels a humiliating back-to-back loss.  It is all very exciting, I think, even for those of us who are not all into the football mentality.  Just this last Friday, I was walking to the UT women’s soccer game, and at 6:30 p.m. there were ALREADY people lining up for ESPN game day.  Now, I did not wake up before sunrise the next morning just to go scream obnoxiously, but I do applaud those who had the school spirit and got on TV.

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