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TRANSCRIPT: Many Years From Now

I remember the first time I stepped foot onto the UT campus several years ago. I was so lost—literally. My roommate at the time was showing me around the campus. After several hours of walking around, we decided to head back to Jester, and I happily walked in the wrong direction. He quickly corrected me […]

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Final Thoughts: The Spelling Bee Story

I never enjoy telling this story. I nearly used it as my commencement address several weeks ago, but I find it too embarrassing to say it aloud to that many people at once. It’s truly sad and out of the character that most people know me by today. It’s ironic that one of my greatest […]

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Transcending the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Earlier this semester, my violin instructor at UT asked me to think about why I continue to study music and what it means to me. Coming from a major in which a lucrative career is emphasized, taking the time to reflect why I would continue to study music was important. A music career exemplifies the […]

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Thoughts on President Powers’ Situation

I try to limit the extent to which I dip into political matters on this column. It’s not becoming and most likely annoying to the reader. That being said, the current situation regarding President Powers truly alarms me. The issue at hand involves the Board of Regents’ decision to freeze tuition for in-state undergraduates. After […]

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Morality in Business and Politics

The topic arose with a handful of acquaintances this year; otherwise, I probably would not have felt it necessary to write about it. Given the way I feel the zeitgeist is flowing and the situation where the U.S. Secret Service has found itself in the past several days, this is something that needs to be […]

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