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The Last Spring Break

    From Big Bend Nat’l Park, March 2010 I remember when I was a senior in college, my friends and I would talk about the last spring break and how we should make it count by doing something exceptional. However, I do not remember doing anything special that spring break three years ago. Before […]

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Getting Around In Austin

Normally I am quiet on the subject of public transportation since I own a car that I unapologetically drive around town. However, the car that I (now sadly) own is a Toyota Camry and, in light of the recent accelerator sticking problem with many Toyota cars, I decided to stay off the road for a […]

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Love the place that you study in!

It is hard to imagine that the second run of fall exams have already come to a close. After spending many days hiding from my furry roommate during the last two exam seasons, I have visited quite a few libraries on campus (and there ARE quite a few on campus!). I know that some people […]

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New Roommate

Above: Fufu, as he tried to yank my camera’s wrist strap – you can see the sparkle in his eyes. My life has been in topsy-turvy for the past few months. The main reason is that I now have a furry and unruly roommate in the little studio apartment where I live. I adopted a kitten […]

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Goodbye and Hello

The first week of classes has come and gone. Honestly, since I have been taking summer classes both sessions, I really did not feel the anxiety of starting classes again in the fall. The only aspect of the new semester that I still need some getting used to is not seeing some of familiar MPAs’ […]

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