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First Year Memories

I’ve now been working at a Big 4 firm longer than the time it took me to obtain my MPA at UT.  I was a tradional MPA student from July of 2008 to August of 2009, and I started as an auditor that same month, which makes about 14 months on the job now. Some of […]

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Five Things the MPA Program Taught Me

Hi All, I’m coming up on six months as a full-time audit associate at one of the Big Four firms in Boston. Taking a moment to reflect, I’ve identified five things (among many) I learned as a traditional MPA student last year that prepared me to succeed in my current role. 1 – Debits and Credits: Whenever […]

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Three Months In

I’ve been an associate auditor at a Big 4 firm for three months now, and am currently assigned to my third client, a nonprofit. My first two assignments involved public company interim testing, and this one is a 9/30/09 year-end audit. Considering there will be a lot of year-end testing to do during busy season in […]

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From Austin to Boston

Keri Ledezma, MPA admissions manager extraordinaire, e-mailed me a few days ago to see if I was still planning to blog from afar now that I’ve graduated and moved to Boston. It was REALLY good to hear from her! It seems like forever since my wife, Janssen, and I packed our things and moved across […]

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Summer School

Last year at this time I was halfway through my first term as an MPA student at The University of Texas. It’s a little unreal to see some of the incoming MPA class in that same situation now. Next month they’ll have their first career fair. It all happens so fast and is, in my […]

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