MPA Student Profile – Kayla Kimrey

Name: Kayla Kimrey
  San Marcos, TX
MPA track: Tax
Class status: iMPA 5th year
Graduation date:
 May 2018

Why did you choose the MPA program?
I enjoyed my introductory accounting courses and wanted to pursue a challenging field. The MPA program is the #1 program in the nation so I decided to apply to explore the opportunity to get my masters.

 What do you look forward to most about your MPA experience?
I look forward to beginning to take the CPA exams in the spring semester to apply all my knowledge from the program. This will test my experience and review all the accounting concepts I have learned through my last 3 years in the program.

 What have you been doing since you received your undergraduate degree?
This summer I was a research assistant for Professor Schmidt. I learned about academic research and was able to assist her on many of her research projects in all phases of the publishing cycle. This included doing research for brainstorming, helping revise editors’ comments, and reading through academic papers.

What led you to accounting?
I have always liked math because there is usually only one right answer; it is objective. I also enjoy a challenge and solving puzzles. When I first learned about balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows, I saw it as a really big puzzle all fitting together to understand businesses.

 What advice do you have for students interested in the MPA program?
My advice is during your introductory accounting courses, see if you are interested in accounting. I found that the best way to judge if I wanted to pursue something was by taking a class in the subject. I decided to do accounting, the MPA program, and the taxation track all by taking classes while thinking, ‘Do I want to learn more about this subject?’

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
My favorite spot on campus is probably South Mall in front of the tower because you can see the Capital and the tower. Also, it has shade on the sides of the lawn. I love walking by South Mall every day.

Where are your favorite places to go and favorite things to do in Austin?
My favorite place to go in Austin is Zilker Park because I can sit and look at the skyline while playing with other people’s dogs. Also, I liked to run on the trail around the lake, which is right next to Zilker Park. Another one of my favorite things to do is to stand-up paddleboard on the lake during the hot summers. This is a fun way to work out and be on the water.



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