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New Resume Format for MPA Application


Texas MPA applicants:

The MPA program has developed a new resume format for the MPA admissions application. We strongly suggest that you follow the MPA Application Resume Guidelines and the MPA Application Resume Template when formatting and constructing your resume.

This policy is effective for all applications completed after December 1. If you completed your application by December 1, you do not need to resubmit your resume in the MPA format, although you may do so, if you prefer.*


Am I required to submit my resume in the MPA format? 

Submitting your resume in the MPA format is not required but highly recommended. If you are admitted and decide to attend the MPA program, you will need to update your resume in this format if you wish to participate in employment recruiting.

Can MPA staff assist me in constructing my resume?

Due to substantial MPA applicant volume, the MPA admissions and career services staff are unable to assist applicants with resume content or format. However, we have provided detailed guidelines, a list of action words and a Word template to assist you. If admitted, you will use this format again during the MPA recruiting process and receive individualized attention from our MPA career consultants. They will work with you to fine-tune your resume content to maximize its effectiveness.

How can I submit an updated resume under the new MPA format?

*Updated resumes can be submitted in the document upload system.

Congratulations, MPA Class of 2014!

UT Tower-Commencement 2014

Students from the MPA Class of 2014 are already demonstrating great success! Of the May/August 2014 graduates who were actively seeking full-time employment:

  • 97% accepted offers of employment. 1% opted to continue their education post-MPA.
  • 95% of our international MPA graduates accepted offers of employment.

Our MPA graduates secured full-time employment in a variety of geographical areas throughout Texas, the Northeast, West, and Midwest and with a wide variety of employers:

  • 5% consulting
  • 3% finance
  • 4% industry
  • 87% public accounting
  • 1% public service


Considering the Texas MPA?

Although there are numerous reasons to consider attending The University of Texas at Austin’s Master in Professional Accounting program, here are a few highlights:

  • Great Place to Live: Austin offers great weather and plenty of outdoor activities in a laid-back, friendly environment and consistently receives high accolades for quality of life, innovation, employment opportunities, cost of living…and the list goes on….

Want to learn more about our program from a student’s perspective? Read Live and Learn, our student blog, or contact an MPA admissions ambassador.

Hook ‘em!

Accounting Career Options

Researching your career options?

Start Here, Go Places” is an informative website that was created by the AICPA. I recommend visiting this site if you are researching your career options, as it contains a wealth of information about accounting careers, including portfolios of CPAs, a salary snapshot, and a scholarship search. One highlight is the “Build Your Future Me” interactive feature. After answering a series of questions, you will receive suggestions for jobs in the accounting profession that may be a good fit for you, as well as a plan for getting there.

Increase in Finance Majors Pursuing Accounting

MPA director Jim Franklin and one of our current MPA students were highlighted in a businessweek.com article which stated that finance majors are increasingly adding accounting to their skill set. A couple of notable quotes from the article:

“…The number of finance majors at McCombs who pursued master’s degrees in accounting nearly tripled from fall 2009 to fall 2010, according to Jim Franklin, director of the graduate accounting program. The figure jumped again based on enrollment for this fall, even as undergraduate finance recruiting picked up during the 2010-11 school year.”


“Many more [finance students] now see accounting experience as a way to stand out to financial-services firms, and accounting careers as a potential way to break into finance later if jobs are scarce.”

Texas MPA students pursue not only careers in accounting but also finance-related careers. A list of employers who have recently recruited our students is available on our website.

Why the Texas MPA?

  • Great Place to Live: Austin offers great weather and plenty of outdoor activities in a laid-back, friendly environment and consistently receives high accolades for quality of life, innovation, employment opportunities, cost of living…and the list goes on….

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Financial Jobs in Texas

Texas is the place to be if you’re seeking employment in the financial sector. According to a recent FINS.com article, Texas added the greatest number of financial sector jobs over the past decade. Even better, The Business Journals reported that Texas is the national leader in private sector job growth.

Ready to relocate?

Accounting Job Market Strong

Although the unemployment rate remains high, public accounting firms and companies in industries such as financial services, health care and consumer goods have increased their hiring of accountants. Jim Franklin, director of the Texas MPA program, was recently quoted in Fortune magazine:

“Of the 330 accounting and finance majors graduating from the Masters of Professional Accountancy program at The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business, 90 percent have already landed jobs.”

Our students have pleasantly discovered that the supply of accounting graduates is barely meeting the demand!

Career Options

Chris Doll, MPA ’07

The 10-year job outlook for accounting-related careers is strong. Even in tough economic times, 90% of our MPA students secure employment by the time they graduate. The majority of our students opt for positions with public accounting firms upon graduation. However, our top-ranked program attracts employers from a variety of sectors, such as consulting, finance, industry, and public service.

Several McCombs Today articles highlight the interesting and varied career paths of our MPA alumni:

  • Chris Doll, MPA ’07, worked in corporate real estate development and started his own real estate investment firm before launching a not-for-profit organization called House the World, with a mission to provide innovative housing solutions for people who live in substandard conditions throughout the world.
  • Bonnie Chan, MPA ’94, is currently a director of finance at Sara Lee. Upon graduation, she worked for the City of Austin in performance auditing. She then moved to the Internal Audit Department for Gateway Computers and served as accounting manager for Dean Foods before joining Sara Lee.
  • Don Maranca, BBA, MPA ’93, initially started his career in public accounting with Arthur Andersen and then Maxwell, Locke & Ritter. He subsequently worked as a financial analyst at Dell, started his own event management company, joined Applied Materials, worked in business development, and served as director of operations for two smaller firms.
  • Thomas Garza, BBA, MPA ’09, decided to volunteer for Teach for America prior to attending Harvard law school.

Need more information on career options? I recommend visiting the Start Here, Go Places web site created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Austin Featured in Time Magazine

Austin, TX is highlighted in the recent Time magazine cover story and in a Time.com video feature. The article “The Workforce: Where Will the New Jobs Come From?” illustrates why cities like Austin are showing early signs of job growth. Time.com also published the “10 Jobs for the Recession,” and, not surprisingly, accountant was listed at No. 2!

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