If you are a U.S. applicant, you may have noticed that the Texas McCombs MPA has two application deadlines:

December 1 – early deadline

March 31 – final deadline

Why are there two deadlines for U.S. applications? How does the MPA admissions process work?

The MPA admissions committee begins to review completed applications immediately following the December 1 early deadline. Applications that are completed after 12/1 are reviewed on a rolling basis, in the order of file completion, throughout the admissions cycle.

U.S. applicants typically receive an admissions decision approximately one month after file completion, and admitted applicants are considered for potential merit-based scholarships (a separate application is not required). If you receive an admission offer from another university and need to respond to the offer before you receive a decision from us, please email the name of the university and the admission response deadline to Keri Ledezma. Although we cannot guarantee an earlier admission decision, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What does this mean for you?

Your application will be reviewed for a decision after all of the required materials have been received. If you are unable to complete your application by December 1, do not be concerned, but keep in mind that you will benefit by completing your application as early in the admissions cycle as possible.

What if you are not ready to submit all of your materials by December 1?

No worries! If you need additional time to prepare your application materials (to study for the GMAT or GRE, for example), be sure to take your time and submit the strongest application possible.

Application tip: you can submit the online application and skip past the test score section if you haven’t taken the GMAT or GRE test yet.

Should you submit your transcript by the December 1 early deadline or wait until your fall grades are posted? 

In most cases, we recommend completing your application by December 1 and including a transcript without fall grades. We will reach out to you if we need your fall grades before making a decision.

That said, you might wait and submit your transcript with your fall grades if:

  1. (For non-accounting majors:) You are taking any of the pre-enrollment courses in the fall,
  2. (For accounting majors:) You are enrolled in several upper-level accounting classes in the fall, or
  3. Your upper-level GPA will be improved substantially with your fall grades.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact Keri Ledezma!