The Texas MPA program accepts applications from individuals with a variety of backgrounds. As a result, students with non-accounting backgrounds are the most concerned about being prepared to start our program. Yes, our program is challenging, and our students are high achievers, but have no fear!

  • Our curriculum is customized based on a student’s academic background. Students with accounting undergraduate degrees will waive and substitute electives for our core courses if they have completed the equivalent prior to entering our program. Those without an accounting background will start with our core courses (ACC 381 and ACC 380k.11) in the summer, continue with additional core courses in the fall, and be in class with others from non-accounting backgrounds.
  • Our students are high achievers but come from diverse backgrounds and operate in a collaborative environment.

Here are some tips that may help you prepare:

  • Complete the pre-enrollment requirements prior to starting our program.
  • Take advantage of the self-study resource that is mailed to all students early in the summer so that you can get a head start on the financial accounting material.
  • Be prepared for a busy fall schedule! Not only do your classes intensify in the fall, but also employment recruiting is in full swing. Maintaining a balance between your courses and recruiting activities is a definite challenge, so plan to keep work and other extracurricular activities to a minimum.

Our student bloggers provide their thoughts as they progress through our program. I recommend that you read the blog regularly to gain an insider’s perspective! Here are a few examples:

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