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FAQ: How Will I Be Notified?

Q: How will I be notified once a decision has been made on my MPA application?

A: Great question! After the admissions committee has entered a decision, you will be contacted via e-mail by our Graduate and International Admissions Center and the MPA Program Office. You will also be able to view the decision on the Application Status Check page by logging in with your UT EID and password.

Also, if you are admitted, the MPA Program Office will mail you an admissions packet. The packet will be mailed to your local address, if valid, or to your permanent address if the local address is no longer valid. Please make any address changes in UT Direct and also send me an e-mail notification with your change of address.


  1. Hi Keri,

    Just be curious, may I know how many 2010 Fall MPA applicants so far?

  2. Jing,
    Although I cannot provide the exact number of applications received, I will say that we have experienced a rather significant increase in applications this year.


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