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Application Tip: GMAT

A frequently asked question that prospective applicants ask is, “What should I be doing to prepare to apply to the Texas MPA program?” First and foremost, I recommend preparing for the GMAT exam, as this will be the most time-consuming portion of your application prep. Here are a few tips related to the GMAT:

  • It’s never too early to start preparing for the GMAT exam! Some applicants prefer to prepare on their own, whereas others find benefit in taking a GMAT review course. There are many review courses available, including (but not limited to) the McCombs Executive Education GMAT review in Austin; Kaplan; the Princeton Review and Parliament Tutors. (Please note that our program does not advocate any particular review course.)
  • Although the Texas MPA program does not impose a minimum GMAT score and the admissions committee will consider the GMAT in the context of a holistic review of all admissions criteria, it is considered an important component of the application. The GMAT test score range and average for the current MPA class can be found on our website.
  • Leave enough buffer time in case you need to retake the exam. You may take the GMAT exam once every 31 calendar days.
  • The MPA admissions committee will review the highest score earned (we do not average test scores), so there is no risk in retaking if you are unsatisfied with your score.
  • The Texas MPA program will not review your application until all items, including the official test scores, have been received. Therefore, be sure to take the GMAT early enough so that the scores arrive prior to the application deadline. UT generally receives the Official Score Report within 20 calendar days of your test.

OK, now you should be all set to buckle down and start studying!


  1. Do you look at the AWA score on the GMAT? If so, how much does that portion weight against the math and verbal portions of the test? If someone had a lower than average GMAT score, but a stellar AWA score, how would this be viewed?

  2. Chris,
    The MPA Admissions Committee reviews the GMAT total score, which is comprised of the verbal and quantitative sections, but not the AWA score.

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