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Summer Fun

We Built a Playhouse with Habitat for Humanity

I can’t believe my internship is wrapping up and that I’ll be back in Austin shortly! Summer has been super busy and here’s a quick peek into what I’ve been doing. Internship The entire internship experience at Adobe has been really

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A Sneak Peek Into The Professional World – My Internship


Three weeks into my internship. Already. No, seven weeks into my internship. Already. I started off with writing this blog at T = 3 but got a chance to continue only at T = 7! The saga of time just

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One (totally) new friend, every other day


If there was one thing, just one thing that I would point out about the full-time Texas MBA program, it would be the ridiculous amount of new people (I guess they call it “networking”) I have come to know since

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A Quick Recap

It has been way too long since my last post. It’s scary to think that my second semester is almost halfway done. Let me try to quickly catch you up on what I’ve been doing. The second half of last

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The Call.

Everyone had said to me in the first semester, “The first semester’s always rough; it’ll get better by the second”. But trust me; the first half of the second semester was no better. There were new challenges to face and

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Baseball Down Under

When you’re an American working in Australia, things seem backwards. Summer is winter… coffee is white… sharks actually attack… and baseball is far from the national pastime. In America, baseball is in our blood, whether we like it or not.

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My Summer Staycation

Whenever people ask how I chose McCombs, I always respond with, “Austin.”   I believe this city is the perfect place to attend graduate school; at the same time that it’s an adult-playground of a college town, it’s also a viable

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Time to hang up my hardhat…

After an amazing summer here at Midway, my internship has finally come to an end. Going in on May 21st was so exciting… and now 14 weeks, involvement on 6 different development projects, and many new professional relationships later… it

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Summer Internship in Real Estate Development

Hello, readers! Long time since my last post… and it seems that I write that every time I post. I will do my best to make sure that changes, but you will see as an MBA student (and summer intern)

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Just In Time

Business school teaches you a lot about the way things work – yourself included.  While I used to consider myself to have a fairly “Type A” personality, I’ve learned that must not be entirely true, for I am constantly sliding into home

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