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Many ‘Multiple’ Things

Diwali Celebration during MBA Tuesday Coffee

So, I haven’t written in a long long time and have been asked about my latest blog by so many. Feels good, honestly, to know that you all enjoy my blogs and ‘wait’ for the next one. For a while

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The Start of a New Journey

first day at mccombs

July 30th, 8AM: Here I was, standing in front of the big statue – the Family Group – at the Red McCombs School of Business, impatiently searching through the emails on my phone to find the venue of my first

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One (totally) new friend, every other day


If there was one thing, just one thing that I would point out about the full-time Texas MBA program, it would be the ridiculous amount of new people (I guess they call it “networking”) I have come to know since

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Austin Skyline

A lot has happened in the past two months. The most important thing – I am half done with my MBA! Time does fly by fast around here. I can vividly remember my first day at school, next thing I

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The Magic of Austin

I initially became interested in the Texas MBA program because, once in the working world, I began to meet quite a few people from Austin and I loved each and every one of them. I started talking to them about

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Women at McCombs (and other October fun)

One of the best aspects of business school is that no two weeks are ever the same. The constant balancing of classwork, recruiting, student organizations, community events, and social events ensures that each week is uniquely unpredictable. Last week was no

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Preview Weekend 2009

Some of you may have read about how my decision to attend McCombs was largely due to the wonderful experience I had at last year’s Preview Weekend. It was for this reason that I decided to apply to head up

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McCombs and Austin from an Outsider’s Perspective

Last weekend, one of my closest friends from DC came to visit. As if I’m not a big enough draw, her real reason for coming to Austin was to run the Austin Half Marathon – conveniently located just steps from

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Step by Step

After a stressful week filled with two mid-terms and two papers, I finally had the chance to relax and celebrate another eighth of my MBA career completed!  Just so you know the tough week I had, let me fill you

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It begins…McCombs Orientation

I had several friends that had attended business school or were currently enrolled when I finally made my business school decision. All of them had made one thing clear – no matter what, you MUST take a break between finishing

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