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Summer School, Part 1: Entrepreneurship…It Ain’t Just For Startups

Summer is upon us.  Most of higher ed actually, you know, takes the summer off.  But for those of us in the Executive MBA program, it generally means it’s time for electives.  Yes, we EMBAs willingly agreed to sacrifice any

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Finals Grades, Pitch Party, Veteran advice

Finals just finished last week, and we’ve already started on the new quarter. One of our professors told us that his wife never checked her grades throughout her MBA. I’ve decided to try that route and focus more on what

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They’re called “Intensives” for a reason

My mom is really hoping I won't fail.

I’m Ivy Le. I’m an entrepreneur running a print, design, and content marketing shop in Austin, but I’m better known by search engines as the beer reporter for the Austin Chronicle, which I was until this week, when I became

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Texas Venture Labs – Adrienne Lowenstein, MBA ‘12

This blog post courtesy of guest blogger Adrienne Lowenstein, MBA ’12 “What starts here changes the world”: the famous tagline for the University of Texas, and one of the reasons why I am pursuing an MBA at McCombs. After working

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Texas Venture Labs Provides Entrepportunities at UT

One of the great things about going to b-school at UT is the school really puts its money where its mouth is regarding entrepreneurship. This Spring term, I’ve been fortunate to get involved with Texas Venture Labs (TVL), a relatively

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Making Texas Moot Corp “mentionable”

There are many things about business school that I never imagined before arriving in Austin: the degree at which I would be challenged academically, the pure intelligence of my classmates, the amount of time I would spend at one bar

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Austin Technology Incubator

Amongst all of my semester’s academic obligations, I have also had the privilege to intern at Austin Technology Incubator (ATI). In case you have never heard of ATI, they are a part of the University of Texas IC2 research unit

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It IS Easy Being Green

What a busy two weeks!  In the midst of finalizing my schedule and getting back in the groove of studying, I have just completed my duties for the 2nd Annual Sustainable Business Summit hosted by Net Impact at McCombs.  I

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One Year Down, One Year to Go

Its official…I have survived my first two weeks as a second year. Refreshed and rejuvenated from the summer, I am back in Austin and ready to learn. Everything is going great so far, although my 2-inch binders on my bookshelf

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