A Night at the Symphony

Austin is known as the “live music capital of the world,” and usually, the first things that come to mind are Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, Stubb’s, Antones, etc.  With that said, I would like to expand your minds to another great venue of live music, the Long Center for Performing Arts.  Last week, three of my classmates and I (all former orchestra members in a past life) went to the Long Center to see the Austin Symphony and guest performer Yo-Yo Ma. 

Dressed in our finest symphony attire, we enjoyed an evening filled with moving selections on the somber anniversary of 9/11.  The evening’s program included:

Dvorák – Symphony No. 8 in G Major, Op. 88
Carter – Elegy
Bach-Stokowski – Sheep May Safely Graze
Elgar – Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85

As expected, Yo-Yo Ma gave a superb performance and left the stage with a standing ovation.  As I missed the chance to see him perform while I was in college, I was thoroughly happy that my friends and I were on top of our game this time around and bought our tickets online the moment they went on sale.  We’re already planning our next Austin cultural excursion.  Who knows, maybe we’ll hit up the opera in the spring.



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Why I Chose McCombs – Center Stage Style

I’d guess that few people can say that they turned to a movie to assist them with their business school decision. Even fewer will admit to have seen the girly movie that contributed to my decision to attend McCombs – Center Stage. While most people may not see the connection between a movie about teenage ballerinas in New York City and the decision to attend a prestigious business school in Austin, it is this movie that awoke me to an analogy that greatly assisted me in my decision-making process.


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One Year Down, One Year to Go

Its official…I have survived my first two weeks as a second year. Refreshed and rejuvenated from the summer, I am back in Austin and ready to learn.

Everything is going great so far, although my 2-inch binders on my bookshelf are quickly overflowing with course packets and HBS cases.So far, I expect my favorite classes this semester to be Nonprofit Management and Gathering Resources and Launch. Nonprofit Management is a class that I am taking outside of McCombs in the School of Social Work. I am the only non-MSW (Master in Social Work) student in the class and was quickly pegged as the “MBA” on my first day. The professor, Suze Miller, is great and is currently working in industry and running her own nonprofit. She has arranged the class so that the students will leave equipped with the basic every-day knowledge of how to run a nonprofit (i.e., how to establish 501(c)3 status, how to manage a budget, human resources legal issues, the art of fundraising, etc.). I think this may be the most practical class I’ve taken yet.

The other class I mentioned, Gathering Resources and Launch, is an entrepreneurship class taught by the MBA Assistant Dean, Christopher Meakin. I can already tell by the first few classes that this course is going to challenge my creativity and force me to think outside of the box. It’s so easy to get trapped analyzing cases with the same frameworks and analysis, but Professor Meakin pushes us to brainstorm and be as innovative as possible. He’ll make entrepreneurs out of us yet.

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Goodbye Mississippi…..Welcome back to Austin…Now get back to work

Welcome back to Austin, with all of its lovely and quirky intricacies…..now get back to work as you apparently may not have that time to enjoy it…..

It’s been quite a whirlwind of a two week period:

  • Finished up my internship with Parkway Properties in Jackson, Mississippi – pulled together the final pieces of two presentations for the executive board on Acquisitions/Dispositions Criteria and a Hold/Sell Analysis, had my final lunch at the Mayflower with the fund managers, played golf with CFO at the PGA course just outside of Jackson, drove nine hours back to Texas, flew to California to spend further time on a golf course with my old man, flew back to Austin just in time to start classes…
  • Took a breath for the first time since leaving Mississippi
  • Made sure the apartment was still standing and not on fire, bought enough book and case material to last the rest of my life, attended the first football game, think and drink, and brief and meets of the season….
  • Took another breath…realizing I’m not back into the swing of this school thing quite yet. Living on 4.5 hrs of nightly sleep was not a talent I fostered much over the summer
  • Started my weekly calls and meetings with real estate professionals in and around the Austin/Houston/Dallas markets
  • Orientation for the first years – Cohort Games – my arm apparently still works enough to throw a dodgeball, but I’ve been icing it twice a day ever since
  • Caught up with my old Cohort Study Group – Diego’s wife is expecting this fall, Mookie’s just about ready to manage my portfolio, Roselle has an unbelievable new wardrobe from her summer at Nike, and I think Austin is enjoying not working 32 hours a day at his consulting internship
Things in the capital markets are looking a bit shakier given what’s happening in the mortgage and financing aspects of the residential side of real estate. This could be an interesting fall all things considered, but I couldn’t think of a better time to be in school and learn about the down side of markets and what firms can do to best position themselves for the future.
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It begins…McCombs Orientation

I had several friends that had attended business school or were currently enrolled when I finally made my business school decision. All of them had made one thing clear – no matter what, you MUST take a break between finishing up your job and starting school. Twist my arm. After leaving my job in DC, three of my best friends and I set out on the road trip of the century, and two and a half weeks, 6,000 miles and 25 states later it was time for me to move on to my new life in Austin. After another 3 days in the car from Maryland to Texas, I arrived in Austin excited to start at McCombs.

The crazy thing is that never in those 28 hours en route to A-Town did I ever feel nervous or stressed (which, if you know me, is a small miracle). In my “twist-my-arm” time between work and school, I also became an active contributor on the Class of 2010 Facebook group, in which questions such as “Are you guys buying a 3 day pass to Austin City Limits?” were of high importance. In the two weeks it took to get settled in before Orientation started, I met new classmates every day at unofficial happy hours, TV watching parties, and trips to Home Depot. The day I walked into McCombs for Orientation, there were so many familiar faces I felt like I had been here forever. Orientation was full of get-to-know-you activities. Between Habitat for Humanity, a float trip, a visit to the Salt Lick Barbecue Restaurant and a spirited Cohort Games (go CoFo!), we started school with a bang, and all made a ton of new friends. Although the impending start of school was exciting and something I had been waiting more than a year for, I have to admit that the end of Orientation made me sad, because our two weeks of pure get-to-know-you fun had ended.

I know Orientation was just the start of an amazing time, and can’t wait to see what the next two years bring!


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Summer in Chi-Town

I can’t believe how quickly the summer has passed by! I was lucky enough to spend ten weeks in Chicago interning for The Ball Foundation and loved every minute of it. The organization focuses on public school district transformation and I spent my internship developing potential business models for their long-term strategy planning. It was everything I wanted in an internship: a nonprofit consulting position in which I could apply smart business strategy while also making a difference in the community.


Aside from the internship, I fell in love with the Windy City. Of course, many say that the true test of love is when winter hits, but lucky for me, I was only there until August. There is definitely no excuse to be bored in Chicago during the summer. With street festivals, Lake Michigan, Cubs games, and museums, I never had a dull weekend. Not to mention, Chicago’s renowned restaurants that have left me buying bigger pants this semester. Oh well, every deep dish pizza was worth it!

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