It begins…McCombs Orientation

I had several friends that had attended business school or were currently enrolled when I finally made my business school decision. All of them had made one thing clear – no matter what, you MUST take a break between finishing up your job and starting school. Twist my arm. After leaving my job in DC, three of my best friends and I set out on the road trip of the century, and two and a half weeks, 6,000 miles and 25 states later it was time for me to move on to my new life in Austin. After another 3 days in the car from Maryland to Texas, I arrived in Austin excited to start at McCombs.

The crazy thing is that never in those 28 hours en route to A-Town did I ever feel nervous or stressed (which, if you know me, is a small miracle). In my “twist-my-arm” time between work and school, I also became an active contributor on the Class of 2010 Facebook group, in which questions such as “Are you guys buying a 3 day pass to Austin City Limits?” were of high importance. In the two weeks it took to get settled in before Orientation started, I met new classmates every day at unofficial happy hours, TV watching parties, and trips to Home Depot. The day I walked into McCombs for Orientation, there were so many familiar faces I felt like I had been here forever. Orientation was full of get-to-know-you activities. Between Habitat for Humanity, a float trip, a visit to the Salt Lick Barbecue Restaurant and a spirited Cohort Games (go CoFo!), we started school with a bang, and all made a ton of new friends. Although the impending start of school was exciting and something I had been waiting more than a year for, I have to admit that the end of Orientation made me sad, because our two weeks of pure get-to-know-you fun had ended.

I know Orientation was just the start of an amazing time, and can’t wait to see what the next two years bring!


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Summer in Chi-Town

I can’t believe how quickly the summer has passed by! I was lucky enough to spend ten weeks in Chicago interning for The Ball Foundation and loved every minute of it. The organization focuses on public school district transformation and I spent my internship developing potential business models for their long-term strategy planning. It was everything I wanted in an internship: a nonprofit consulting position in which I could apply smart business strategy while also making a difference in the community.


Aside from the internship, I fell in love with the Windy City. Of course, many say that the true test of love is when winter hits, but lucky for me, I was only there until August. There is definitely no excuse to be bored in Chicago during the summer. With street festivals, Lake Michigan, Cubs games, and museums, I never had a dull weekend. Not to mention, Chicago’s renowned restaurants that have left me buying bigger pants this semester. Oh well, every deep dish pizza was worth it!

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