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Knowledge Bomb

That about sums up my experiences during the first half of my fall semester and the close of final exams. I was told, re-told, and then told again that the first semester is a whirlwind. I was warned that I

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Still Here

Hello again! I realize it’s been ages since my last blog entry. Sorry about that. Between class, homework, studying, and everything else that makes up my life right now, I haven’t even had time to think about blogging let alone

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Blue and Orange

This blog is not about school. I thought I would write about something else for a change. So here I am, talking about Texas! It is right now the season of Bluebonnets. I have seen those on medians on highways.

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MBA How To’s: Networking

mmb pic 2

So as you can tell my last post was written quite some time ago about how grueling midterms can be. If you are curious about where the heck I was after that, just imagine a rinse and repeat of that last

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Semester Recap


I’ve officially attended my last class at McCombs. Crazy. Wait, you may be saying to yourself, since when do people graduate in December? Not to worry, I’m not done with school but my next post will be from…the University of

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Unabridged thoughts, straight from … California!!

I made him a Longhorn too!

Where does California come into the picture? Justified question. As I sat thinking about what to write next, I spoke with our blog moderator and he suggested, “Well, why don’t you interview your husband and see what he thinks about

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Useful Apps and Websites for MBA Survival

Hello dear readers! I apologize for my delay in posting—second year is no joke! (You know it’s bad when our super-nice editor Kurt is sending out friendly reminders to ask us bloggers to write! ;-)) So about three months ago,

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Poker Face


Starting grad school is sort of like playing cards. You know what you are getting into, you might hesitate at first, but you put on your poker face and look confident while you play the game. Well, unless you are

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The Six Stages of Midterms

When taking the plunge and enrolling in a professional MBA program, you’ve already decided you can easily juggle the workload, schoolwork, and family time. Sure, there is pre-work before the Austin Intensive as well as homework each week, but you

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2nd Year vs. 1st Year

New Toy from the Texas State Fair

How is the semester already half over? People said 2nd year is easier than the 1st and in some ways it is. I am definitely still busy though! Classes I thought I missed my cohort last spring since we only

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