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The Six Stages of Midterms

When taking the plunge and enrolling in a professional MBA program, you’ve already decided you can easily juggle the workload, schoolwork, and family time. Sure, there is pre-work before the Austin Intensive as well as homework each week, but you

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2nd Year vs. 1st Year

New Toy from the Texas State Fair

How is the semester already half over? People said 2nd year is easier than the 1st and in some ways it is. I am definitely still busy though! Classes I thought I missed my cohort last spring since we only

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Finals Grades, Pitch Party, Veteran advice

Finals just finished last week, and we’ve already started on the new quarter. One of our professors told us that his wife never checked her grades throughout her MBA. I’ve decided to try that route and focus more on what

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MBA or Bust

During MBA....what free time? "Free time" now consists of homework, studying, and sweatpants.

They call me Ximena. For the non-Spanish speakers, it’s pronounced He-men-ah and rhymes with…absolutely nothing. I’m a Texan by birth, but a traveler by heart. I’ve lived in Texas, Indiana, Colorado, Florida, Italy, and Mexico and love to travel and

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Orange Fabric!

Hook 'em !!

Hooking ‘em and keeping it weird are my favorite things to do these days. I am not quite sure what they fully entail yet but hope to do them everyday, and twice on game days. Anything I buy or own

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A Leap of Faith

Diving into the unknown

As I finally sat down to write this introduction for Texas MBAs Talk on deadline day (Believe me, MBA orientation was no walk in the park. And if that weren’t enough, we had accounting homework to turn in on our

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The Generally Specific

cash the dog

In the interest of journalistic integrity, full disclosure, and general human honesty, I need you to understand something about me as you read this column: I have no business writing this column. Four weeks ago I moved to Austin for

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So It Begins…

New friends, one big trivia team

Ah, MBA orientation. It’s that special time when we quit our jobs and descend upon Austin, looking to begin our new lives as eager students making their triumphant return to academia. I arrived shortly before orientation began, and was immediately

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The Start of a New Journey

first day at mccombs

July 30th, 8AM: Here I was, standing in front of the big statue – the Family Group – at the Red McCombs School of Business, impatiently searching through the emails on my phone to find the venue of my first

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HMBA Prom: Hula with Barua!

2014 Students & Dates

HMBA? Prom? Hula? Barua?? Did any word in the title make any sense? Probably not! Let me break it down for you. Who: HMBA = Houston [Texas] MBA, which includes both the first-years and the second-years and their guests. Barua

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