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How to Ace Your Recommendation Letters

The recommendation letter requirement is one of the more daunting parts of the application process, as it is one of the few components over which students do not have direct control. For the Type A, right-brained, checklist-making applicants among us

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McCombs Students Venture to Houston for Healthcare Innovation

For many people, the first few things they think of when they think of Texas are the energy market and BBQ. However, Texas is also home to some of the finest medical centers and research facilities in the country, and

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Airplanes, Austin, Classes, and People – My Texas MBA Allure

I’ve spent most of my life living in the eastern time zone, so moving to Texas was a wild departure from my past. As I chatted with prospective students who spent their whole lives in the Northeast, or maybe even

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McCombs Annual Ski Trip

Some of you out there might be wondering: will attending business school in Texas still allow me to get out to the mountains to ski/board? Well, I’m happy to report, the answer is a resounding YES! During the first weekend in

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Founding Health Innovation Fellows or How I Accidentally Got an MBA in Entrepreneurship

One of the many reasons I chose McCombs was because of the burgeoning health industry in Austin. From the construction of the forward-thinking UT Dell Medical School, to the emerging digital health start-up scene, I knew there was opportunity as

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A Texas MBA Degree = A Head Start to Your Dream Career

That six figure salary; The desire to travel the world; The ambition to make a difference. These are some of the reasons  that bring us to business school and we all hope to fulfill these aspirations through that dream job at the

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How to Survive as a Liberal Arts Major Turned MBA

When you hear “debit,” do you think about your bank card? What about statistics? Does it make your stomach churn just a bit? Is Excel only a program that’s used to conveniently sort rows and rows of data? In undergrad,

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Full-Time Travelers: Texas MBA Treks

Great Scott! Back to the Future Day was October 21st this year, and that week McCombs first-year MBAs glimpsed their potential destinies. With a two-day break from their courses, students trekked across the city, state and country to become better

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Marketing Case Challenge

For those of you just getting to know the MBA experience along with classes, recruiting, networking, and “networking with classmates” (i.e.: having some fun…), case challenges are a (sometimes overlooked) piece of the puzzle. Case challenges are sponsored by companies

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ExxonMobil & Net Impact Host 1st Energy Bowl at McCombs

It’s well-known that Texas produces more crude oil and natural gas than any other state in the US. However, did you know that the Lone Star State leads the country in wind powered generation capacity? The energy industry serves a

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