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Knowledge Bomb

That about sums up my experiences during the first half of my fall semester and the close of final exams. I was told, re-told, and then told again that the first semester is a whirlwind. I was warned that I

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Wash-(wow)-ington D.C!

The Washington Monument

The past few weeks have been eventful. For the first half of my spring break I was in Austin. I watched a Shakespeare play, went to a Broadway show ‘Wicked’ playing in Austin (enjoyed every second!), went to the graffiti

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Auf Wiedersehen Switzerland!

Hook 'Em! From the Texas group!

I know I’ve said this at the start of other blog posts, but wow – time has flown! Ten weeks in Switzerland zipped by and I’m done with all the coursework for school. I’m about to embark on three weeks

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True Appreciation!

A recurring thought that does not leave me is that it’s my last semester at UT. Yet another situation when I exactly understand, true to every alphabet, what bittersweet is. While on one hand I am waiting for assignments, exams

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Gruezi from Switzerland


Gruezi! That’s Swiss-German for greetings! I’m writing this post from St. Gallen, Switzerland where I am finishing my last semester. I’ve been here for two weeks and it’s been such a whirlwind!

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Unabridged thoughts, straight from California ….part 2

Lake Tahoe

This time around, I myself am in California. Hence unabridged thoughts straight from California…part 2. I do not know how the past few weeks have flown by and exactly a week from now I will be back in Austin. It

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First Semester is Over, on to New Challenges

My Hot Seat Marketing Challenge Team

Now that my first semester as a Texas MBA is over and my second semester is on the very-near horizon, I cannot help but think of the old cliché “Where did the time go?” It is amazing to think that

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Semester Recap


I’ve officially attended my last class at McCombs. Crazy. Wait, you may be saying to yourself, since when do people graduate in December? Not to worry, I’m not done with school but my next post will be from…the University of

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Unabridged thoughts, straight from … California!!

I made him a Longhorn too!

Where does California come into the picture? Justified question. As I sat thinking about what to write next, I spoke with our blog moderator and he suggested, “Well, why don’t you interview your husband and see what he thinks about

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Channeling Cormac


A traveler stood in the doorway, cloaked in the dust of places where most will never visit. He surveyed the room indifferently as if all that lay before him had already been decided. As if each inevitability lay dormant until

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