Al Ntiri, MBA ’12


Name: Al Ntiri
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Undergrad Institution/Major: Yale University/Economics & Mathematics
Pre-MBA Job: Retail Banking & Test Preparation
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain & Operations Management

Hey everyone. My name is Al Ntiri and I’m a second year student at McCombs. I grew up in Long Island, studied economics and math at Yale, and then worked in the New York area. I started in a management training, rotational program at Citibank, moved onto project management at Citi, and then switched industries and worked at a test preparation company.

I came to McCombs for 4 main reasons:

  1. Strength of Operations Program: After trying out a few different things at work, I am most interested in operations so I looked for a school that was strong in that area. The IROM department is one of McCombs’ biggest strengths.
  2. Flexibility & MBA+: Although I have some experience doing process improvement, I wanted to try out other areas of operations. I really liked the MBA+ Program because you can do a project in your area of interest. Also, they have communication coaches that help you sharpen your skills in that area.
  3. Culture/Fit: I simply cliqued with the student body at McCombs more than anywhere else. People here are very smart but down to earth, driven but we help each other out. Also, a lot of students are into the outdoors. Being a person who likes nature, this was perfect for me.
  4. Region: I’m big on exposure and going to Texas, a place I knew nothing about, allows me to explore a new region while attending school. There are also great opportunities to go abroad.

Outside of class, I spend time planning events for the Black Graduate Business Association, working part time as a graduate research assistant for international programs, making mixes on my iPod, and enjoying the various live music performances in Austin. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions about operations, diversity at McCombs, or other topics on your mind.

Read my blog posts here!

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