Al Ntiri, MBA ’12


Name: Al Ntiri
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Undergrad Institution/Major: Yale University/Economics & Mathematics
Pre-MBA Job: Retail Banking & Test Preparation
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain & Operations Management

Hey everyone. My name is Al Ntiri and I’m a second year student at McCombs. I grew up in Long Island, studied economics and math at Yale, and then worked in the New York area. I started in a management training, rotational program at Citibank, moved onto project management at Citi, and then switched industries and worked at a test preparation company.

I came to McCombs for 4 main reasons:

  1. Strength of Operations Program: After trying out a few different things at work, I am most interested in operations so I looked for a school that was strong in that area. The IROM department is one of McCombs’ biggest strengths.
  2. Flexibility & MBA+: Although I have some experience doing process improvement, I wanted to try out other areas of operations. I really liked the MBA+ Program because you can do a project in your area of interest. Also, they have communication coaches that help you sharpen your skills in that area.
  3. Culture/Fit: I simply cliqued with the student body at McCombs more than anywhere else. People here are very smart but down to earth, driven but we help each other out. Also, a lot of students are into the outdoors. Being a person who likes nature, this was perfect for me.
  4. Region: I’m big on exposure and going to Texas, a place I knew nothing about, allows me to explore a new region while attending school. There are also great opportunities to go abroad.

Outside of class, I spend time planning events for the Black Graduate Business Association, working part time as a graduate research assistant for international programs, making mixes on my iPod, and enjoying the various live music performances in Austin. Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions about operations, diversity at McCombs, or other topics on your mind.

Read my blog posts here!

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