True Appreciation!

A recurring thought that does not leave me is that it’s my last semester at UT. Yet another situation when I exactly understand, true to every alphabet, what bittersweet is. While on one hand I am waiting for assignments, exams and my long distance with my better half to be over, on the other hand I know it’s going to be a very different life once I graduate and move to California. But I will think about that when it’s time. Right now, I am truly appreciating UT. How exactly?

The first three semesters keep you on your toes, literally, all the time. Networking, coursework, getting to know classmates, making sense of it all, interviewing for internships, interviewing for full-time jobs, being involved in extracurricular acivities – it’s all a haze, a time-devouring daze. After the winter break I thought, this being my last semester and all, I want to go to new places in Austin and truly enjoy the rich experiences the school and the city have to offer. Coincidentally, I was also advised to ‘make use of all the rich resources, to experience all the great things about school’ at about the same time, thus reinforcing my earlier commitment to explore new things.

So it started, with me attending a dual piano recital. I experienced the music at a performance hall I had never been to, free of charge. I then attended a play, The Storyteller, at the Laboratory Theater. The actors were incredible; the play was very entertaining and extremely well executed. Again free of charge. I am frequenting Gregory Gym on a very regular basis. Again, free of charge. Ah, the perks of being a student! Though the ’for free’ days are short-lived, there’s so much more to come. Emails about documentary screenings and other activities that I would just delete earlier, now fill up my calendar making me wish why did I not do this sooner? But no regrets. Every activity commands action at certain specific times and so I prioritized.

This was about school. Now about Austin. I am a mile away from the Capitol Building, yet it took me almost 3 ½ semesters to walk to that building and see it from inside. :) But better late than never! I now have a to-do list for Austin as well. My courses are fairly balanced thus allowing me to spend time on things I want to do before leaving Austin. First is going to Big-Bend National Park during spring break. Only 6.5 hours away, it’s as close as it gets for Big Bend! Junk Cathedral, Graffiti Park, SXSW, Pecan Street Festival – lots more activities to indulge in and places to see. I am also doing the Washington Campus study program during spring break. Details later on that one.

Looking back, the past 18 months seem to have flown by,

I know that time takes exactly the time it does, to pass by.

Yet I wonder if I want the remaining 3 months to go really slow or fly by,

I have arguments both, for and against and it’s a tie! :)


Talk to y’all later, soon.


Full-time MBA student, Class of 2014 concentrating in Corporate Finance. Architect in previous life (life before Business school). Love to travel to National Parks - 22 and counting; passionate about writing poems - 200 and counting; enjoy blogging for Texas MBA; will be taking piano lessons soon.

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  1. GyanOne says:

    Hey Chirali,

    Interesting post! Please share more experiences on Life at McCombs for the benefit of students who are either planning to apply to this top MBA in the US or are struggling to choose between admits. Getting to know the bschool from current students really helps candidates make better decisions.

    Senior Consultant

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