Semester Recap

I’ve officially attended my last class at McCombs. Crazy. Wait, you may be saying to yourself, since when do people graduate in December? Not to worry, I’m not done with school but my next post will be from…the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, where I will be finishing my last semester on exchange. Another semester has quickly elapsed, so  let’s catch-up on a few highlights.


One of the coolest things about being 2013 Net Impact Conferencea student (and being in Austin) are the perks. I was able to attend some really neat conferences this fall at a discounted rate or even better, for free. I went to the Texas Tribune Festival, South by Southwest Eco and the Net Impact Conference in California. It was really refreshing to hear from others that are excited about the same issues and to connect with both classmates and peers. I’m not in the posted photo but my McCombs peers are now famous! Read the rest of the article here.


Those that have been reading for the past year know that I’m an avid runner. I decided to train for a full-marathon this fall in order to maximize time during my 4-day weekends. Have I mentioned I didn’t have class on Thursday or Fridays this semester? Training throughout the Texas summer and fall paid off as a few weeks ago I joined 20,000 other crazy people to embark upon 26.2 miles throughout Philadelphia. I crossed the finish line faster than my goal and I have since then sworn off any full-marathon. Others tell me I will change my mind but I’m pretty sure I won’t. I’ll stick to shorter distances like the 5 mile Turkey Trot we did on Thanksgiving morning.

Passing the Torch

The semester closes and we are transitioning leadership positions in all of our various clubs. I’m often asked how many clubs people are involved in. My extremely scientific study has shown that most people join about 5-6 clubs but are really involved with 2-3. My big ones were the McCombs Admissions Committee, Net Impact and Graduate Business Council, and each of them is slowly wrapping up events for the semester. GBC hosted it’s last official tailgate of the semester and also hosted the McCombs Got Talent Show that raised over $1100 that will be donated to a local non-profit. Net Impact hosted a tour at Black Star Co-op – the world’s first cooperatively-owned and worker self-managed brewpub. I know that the clubs are in good hands for the next year!

I’ll miss Austin for the next 3 months but I’m excited to adventure around Europe. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the latest happenings and travels!

A 2nd year student enjoying the full-time Texas MBA experience!

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One comment on “Semester Recap
  1. Keyi says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing with us your highlighted experience for the past year. Really looking forward to hearing more of your trip in Europe.
    I am currently applying for McCombs full-time MBA and I would really like to get some firsthand information about your experience at Austin. Please let me know if I could write you an email.
    Again, thanks for all the posts. They are really helpful for me to understand what I will be facing if I get in the program.

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