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After one month, roughly 700 cups of coffee, and more hours spent awake after midnight in several years since I posted my first blog, in which I concluded I was ready to take on the first semester of the Texas MBA with a full head of steam, I can say without exaggeration that I am in the midst of what the administration and second-year students identify as the “first-semester MBA experience.” I cannot not recall being this busy at any point in my life, as between studying, exams, information sessions, student organization applications, happy hours, tailgates, and attending football games, there is always an upcoming activity on my calendar. Yet that level of involvement is immensely satisfying, and I am excited to see how my calendar for the rest of the semester will unfold .

In between studying for midterms, my classmates, my friend Patricia, and I managed to find our way to the Texas home football games.

In between studying for midterms, my classmates, my friend Patricia, and I managed to find our way to the Texas home football games.

Needless to say, the past month has been a whirlwind, and now that midterms are over, it makes sense to reflect on the advice and information I would have given to the innocent and pure “myself” of one month ago:

It is vital to find a study spot you like and stake it out: My study team seems to have a permanent reservation for one of the conference rooms in the Carpenter Center, which is the MBA lounge on the third floor of the Graduate School of Business building. “Working lunches” with my study team have quickly become part of my routine. And on that note…

You will see your study team more than you see your roommates: When I returned home after finishing my finance midterm, each of my three roommates separately asked me “Where have you been the past five days?” The answer, unfortunately, was “studying.” Since the conclusion of midterms it has been refreshing to spend time in my house during daylight hours again. And the last point related to midterms I would have told myself is…

There is nothing more enjoyable than rehashing the answers to an accounting exam with your entire MBA program within five minutes of handing in your test: Well, I kid.  But what is enjoyable is going out with your classmates after finishing an exam. After my accounting exam I went to a bar near McCombs called Scholz Garten, and after our finance exam many members of my class went out for post-celebratory drinks at another bar near campus named Cain & Abel’s ($1 beers!).

I am excited to return to a “slightly” more normal schedule now that I am finished with midterms – although finals are only two short weeks away. However, worrying about and studying for finals can wait. Big events such as the McCombs Career Fair, the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and the Oklahoma-Texas game in Dallas are on the horizon. Summer has officially ended, and I am ready for an amazing fall at McCombs and in Austin.

Full-time MBA student in the Class of 2015 at McCombs. Native East-Coaster eating my way through Austin.

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  1. Yin Li says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how alive people are at McCombs…Would love to be one of you guys!

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