Biting off more than you can chew at b-school

On our way to the hot tub after a full day of skiing and a crazy busy start to second semester

Gulp.  You know that phrase “if you want something done give it to a busy person?”  Well, as it turns out, that only holds true up until a certain point.  And I have reached that point.

I came to McCombs for the wide range of experiences it would provide me with.  Therefore, as interesting opportunities presented themselves last semester, I snatched them up one by one.  As a result, I’m now the Communications VP for Net Impact; a Board Fellow for a local Community Development Financial Institution called PeopleFund; the Alumni Affairs Chair of the Graduate Business Council; a member of the President’s Sustainability Steering Committee (as in Bill Powers, the President of all of UT); and oh by the way, a blogger for Texas MBAs Talk.

Park City, Utah

Aside from these ongoing commitments, I participated in the all-consuming Urban Land Institute Design Challenge Courtney Blackburn recently posted about, and I’m the Marketing Chair of the Sustainable Business Summit that’s taking place later this month.  In early March I leave for two weeks in India through the Global Connections course I’m enrolled in, (which has taken just a little bit of prepping for), and last weekend I managed to squeeze in a ski trip to Park City, Utah with one hundred of my classmates.  When you add to the pile the small tasks of finding a summer internship and keeping up with my academic course load, you’ve got one tired/overwhelmed/delirious/absent-minded Caroline.

But, if given the chance to do it all over again differently, would I?  The answer: absolutely not.


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One comment on “Biting off more than you can chew at b-school
  1. Eddie O'Connor says:

    The last line “answer: absolutely not.” cracks me up and does, and does not, surprise me. The majority of blog posts on MBA Talks state that they’d all do it over again if give the chance. After reading the overwhelming load on your plate, it’s good to know that an MBA student can take on too much, and that you’re human.

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