MBA Crewnshaw Cup 2012: First Years vs Second Years

Friday’s MBA Crenshaw Cup provided plenty of excitement for the 8-player teams from each of the first and second year classes. The weather even played along as well; it was reminiscent of a Ryder Cup – the inspiration for the event – hosted in wet and windy Northern Scotland.

The 27-hole tournament took place at Wolfdancer Golf Club at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort about 35 minutes outside of Austin amid highs in the mid-50s and a constant drizzle punctuated by a few downpours. Nonetheless, the 16 golfers and two non-playing captains braved the conditions and many commented that the day was one of the highlights of their MBA experience thus far.

Second Year MBA Crenshaw Cuppers enjoy the pre-tournament dinner at Eddie V's

The tournament weekend actually began on Thursday night with the MBA Crenshaw Cup dinner at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood on 5th street. Both teams gathered at the venerable steakhouse and fine dining establishment to celebrate, strategize, and do a little good-natured smacktalking. The second years’ wives and girlfriends even got together for their own dinner to show support for the team.

The first tee times were Friday morning at 9am, right around the time that the first major downpour soaked the course and forced the golfers to don their raingear and cover up their team uniforms. Each team had the MBA Crenshaw Cup logo embroidered on golf shirts (white for the First Years and blue for the Second Years). Some of the Second Years plastered corporate logos all over their shirts in what could have been considered a tongue-in-cheek commentary on both the proliferation of sponsorships in golf and our own future careers in corporate America.

The first 18 holes featured 8 matches, all of which were match play featuring 2-player teams of First Years versus Second Years. Each match was worth one point, as in the real Ryder Cup, and the point could be “halved” if it ended up tied after 9 holes. The front nine was a 2-man scramble, and although First Year Ben Beyer provided the day’s ultimate highlight – a hole-in-one on the par 3 sixth hole –  the Second Years jumped out to an early 2 ½ – 1 ½ point lead on the backs of two wins from the first four matches. Play continued with the same pairings for the second set of 4 matches on the back nine and the Second Years again won two of the matches, doubling their lead to 5-3.

Lunch in the clubhouse followed, and players attempted to warm up and wring out their clothes before heading back out for the Singles matches. Although the Second Years held the halfway lead, the First Years were determined to fight back and won two of the first three Singles matches.

The Second Year Ryder Cup team

The Second Years celebrate their MBA Crenshaw Cup victory

Unfortunately for the ’13s though, the Second Years did well to win three matches outright, and once Brad McMurray held a 1-hole lead going into #9 – meaning the best his opponent could do was tie – the Second Years had accumulated enough points to win the Cup.

Revelry ensued and spilled over to a local watering hole, where the players celebrated the day and attempted to finally dry off for good.


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