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Hello, blogosphere! I know it has been a while since my last post (…wow… November!) so let me tell you what all has been going on in my student life. First of all… Finals. We all know how that goes, so that is a good enough excuse for me being MIA in early December. However, I then had a 5 week Christmas vacation… which was both awesome and well deserved for all of us after our grueling first semester!

Although many of my classmates took amazing trips to Thailand, Brazil, Australia, and many other places all over the world… I took an exotic 4 week long vacation to Houston, TX where I settled in to my high school room at my parent’s house. Fancy, I know. Other than sleeping until at least 10am about 70% of the time, I was marginally productive at other times! Our winter vacation is a great opportunity to start on that internship search, meet with companies, and do whatever else you need to do while you actually have the time to do so.

For me, I had a few goals for things to accomplish over the break, as follows:

1. Keep up with my informational interviews. As a real estate student, I am still learning about my options and different career paths I could take. The most helpful thing for me so far has been talking to companies. It is a little too early for real estate companies to be hiring summer interns since usually these opportunities are project specific, but it is always great to be making contacts and learning more about each company.

2. Get going with my new GRES officer position. I was recently appointed as the new VP of Communications for the Graduate Real Estate Society. My two main tasks will be starting up our new website (stay tuned, real estate people!) and also starting a bi-annual newsletter. I took some time over break to outline my goals, to-do’s, and people to contact. Both the website and the newsletter will probably roll out around March, but it is never too early to get organized.

3. Teach myself some real estate modeling. So, as a student with a construction management background, the main reason I went back to school was to get more exposure to the finance side of the business. I am very excited to be taking my first two real estate classes this semester with Professor Cahoon and Professor Hallman, who are both great professors with impressive real estate and finance backgrounds. For the first two weeks back at school, I am participating in the Hines ULI Real Estate Competition, where I am the MBA student on a team with architecture, landscape, and urban planning students to create a design and financial analysis of a potential real estate project in downtown Houston. The University of Texas has 9 teams competing in this national competition. Much more to come on this subject once it is over (January 31st). So in order to prepare for this, I signed up for an online class on real estate modeling just to catch me up to speed.

So, here I am, back to school! Day 2 has just ended after a day of classes and meetings with my competition team. To be honest, I was bored out of my mind by the end of my Christmas break. Business school has made me come to love being busy! Of course, the core classes are necessary building blocks to get you where you need to be, but I am very excited about the classes I have signed up for this semester now that the core is behind us. Although… I am sad now that I only have one class with my beloved Cohort 3… they are the best!

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