Me and Professor Magee

One lesson that I have learned over and over again in life is that the anticipation of something that must be endured is often worse than the actual thing that must be endured.  Such has been the case with my education in Microeconomics.  I had it in my mind that Micro was going to entail nothing but nasty problem sets, when instead; it has actually been one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever taken.

This pleasant realization is entirely attributable to a person named Stephen Magee, professor to all of us first years.  In one breath he’ll teach us how to calculate the profit maximizing price a firm should charge for its product and in the next he’ll be encouraging us to be good to our families.  Then he’ll segue into drawing a hilarious comparison between the players in his senior soccer league and the concept of competitive advantage.  This is all from a man who has presented the merits of free markets to Fidel Castro himself and argued against the most successful lawyer in America that lawsuits are a burden on the economy.

It comes of no surprise then that on Thanksgiving Day, about 30 of my classmates and I could be found enjoying the big meal at Professor Magee’s.  It was a great opportunity to meet everyone’s spouses and kids, teach international students about stuffing (as in, the dish that goes alongside your turkey), hear the story of how Magee met his lovely lady Mary Ann, and generally enjoy the beautiful day with my family away from home.

Soaking in the Texas sunshine on our way to Magee's

Soaking in the Texas sunshine on our way to Magee's

Thanksgiving at Professor Magee's

Thanksgiving at Professor Magee's

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One comment on “Me and Professor Magee
  1. Steve Magee says:

    Caroline: Thank you for the nice words. It was a pleasure to have such an enthusiastic student and a person who connected so well with classmates. You are one of the many reasons why I love teaching here at UT.
    Steve Magee

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