Sharing Our National Pastime w/ Our Int’l Friends

When did you go to your first Major League Baseball game?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen way too many to count and you were probably too young to remember anyways. Being in the stadium and watching a baseball game is a beautiful thing and we Americans are lucky to have the experience so tightly interwoven into our culture. So when a group of international classmates approached me about seeing their first MLB game, I offered to take them. It was an easy decision. If you have the chance to give someone their first MLB experience, you say YES! And off to Houston we went…

Our journey closely resembled the beginning of a bad off-color joke — “So 2 Japanese guys, a South Korean, a Chinese guy, and an American walk into a baseball stadium…” — but our crew could not have been better. We compared baseball in America to baseball in Asia and I made sure they had a beer and a hot dog. We did the wave and stretched in the 7th inning. We did what people do at baseball games and we had an awesome time doing it. As I get more involved with SEMA (the Sports, Entertainment, and Media Management Association), I hope to help many more of our international classmates experience the world of American sports.

It’s been a great first month at McCombs and getting to know these brave international students while the Astros took on the visiting San Francisco Giants was definitely one of the highlights. When they came to school here, they brought a true global perspective with them and everybody is better off as a result. Next baseball trip: Tokyo?? I’m down.

Hook’em \m/

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