Professors: can’t live with them, can’t live without them

This week marked the end of our first-year CORE accounting, finance, stats and microeconomics classes. With finals coming up next week it would have been nice to take a breather – instead our last week was one of the most intense ones, filled with quizzes (3), projects due (2) and homework. I must admit that I might have been caught giving a professor or two the evil eye during class.

Professor Limberg, Accounting

Yet, I would say that so far, I’ve been absolutely amazed by our professors: specifically how available they make themselves to us, and how dedicated they are to helping us master the MBA material. For example, while all of our professors hold office hours, it can be difficult to find time in the day to drop by. I was at first hesitant to e-mail a professor to make a private appointment – especially since I had missed office hours of both the professor and the TA. The response from every professor I’ve met with outside of class has always been positive – usually they respond within the hour and are willing to meet with me one-on-one according to my schedule (even though it’s likely they’re busier than me)! Often I’ve met with a professors for over an hour, just discussing general doubts and whatever random questions come up. I never had this experience in undergrad, so this is one of the aspects of the program most special to me.

There are so many other examples – our stats professor constructs elaborate e-mail responses in record time; our finance professor makes extra audio-review sessions available to us; our accounting professor holds biweekly review sessions. To get to know everyone, on four separate nights (one night for each cohort) our econ professor hosted everyone for a pizza-beer-wine party at his condo.

So, while I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of material we’re expected to master in a short time period, I could never say that the professors don’t provide a strong support system. And, on that note, it’s back to studying for finals – good luck everyone!

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