Goodbye Mississippi…..Welcome back to Austin…Now get back to work

Welcome back to Austin, with all of its lovely and quirky intricacies… get back to work as you apparently may not have that time to enjoy it…..

It’s been quite a whirlwind of a two week period:

  • Finished up my internship with Parkway Properties in Jackson, Mississippi – pulled together the final pieces of two presentations for the executive board on Acquisitions/Dispositions Criteria and a Hold/Sell Analysis, had my final lunch at the Mayflower with the fund managers, played golf with CFO at the PGA course just outside of Jackson, drove nine hours back to Texas, flew to California to spend further time on a golf course with my old man, flew back to Austin just in time to start classes…
  • Took a breath for the first time since leaving Mississippi
  • Made sure the apartment was still standing and not on fire, bought enough book and case material to last the rest of my life, attended the first football game, think and drink, and brief and meets of the season….
  • Took another breath…realizing I’m not back into the swing of this school thing quite yet. Living on 4.5 hrs of nightly sleep was not a talent I fostered much over the summer
  • Started my weekly calls and meetings with real estate professionals in and around the Austin/Houston/Dallas markets
  • Orientation for the first years – Cohort Games – my arm apparently still works enough to throw a dodgeball, but I’ve been icing it twice a day ever since
  • Caught up with my old Cohort Study Group – Diego’s wife is expecting this fall, Mookie’s just about ready to manage my portfolio, Roselle has an unbelievable new wardrobe from her summer at Nike, and I think Austin is enjoying not working 32 hours a day at his consulting internship
Things in the capital markets are looking a bit shakier given what’s happening in the mortgage and financing aspects of the residential side of real estate. This could be an interesting fall all things considered, but I couldn’t think of a better time to be in school and learn about the down side of markets and what firms can do to best position themselves for the future.
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