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A day in the life

It’s time for the classic “Day in the Life” blog post. I’ve had enough long days in the past week to shed some light on the MBA’s claim that we are “so busy” all the time.

6:00 AM Taco Tuesday Run! About half-a-dozen of my classmates plus 20 other strangers gather at Luke’s Locker to kick off our morning. There’s a 4 or 7 mile loop but several of us opt for a variation on the loop in order to get to our 8am classes on time. My variation consists of running directly home instead of returning to the store. Besides, the last time my friend and I ran the 7-mile loop we were beaten by a dog. No joke. The only problem with the run-home-option is that I miss the free tacos at the end. Breakfast tacos – they are exactly what they sound like – are a local Austin treat.

8:00 AM Strategic Management Class. As mentioned in my last post, I only have one class this semester with my cohort and this is it. We have a pretty lengthy conversation about the pharmaceutical industry and I’m surprised at how many people actually seemed to have made it through assigned hour-long podcast.

10:00 AM LIVESTRONG Internship. I’m working on an initiative in the HR department that involves meeting practically every manager in the organization. I meet with two more today and it’s really inspiring to work with such a variety of people that are extremely dedicated to their job despite a rough period.

Girls Cheering

Girls on the Run 5K December 2012!

3:30 PM Girls on the Run Practice. I coach a team of 3rd-5thgraders twice a week at a nearby elementary school. The after-school program teaches girls about self-esteem and confidence by creatively using running and a structured curriculum. Some days the girls can be super enthusiastic and others they need to be encouraged a lot. Today they were excited as we were kicking off the Spring season and it was really fun to see some returning girls from last season.

5:00 PM Club Meetings. Every other week the Net Impact Leadership Team and the Graduate Business Council (GBC) meet to discuss current initiatives and future projects. Today we discussed a Spring Kick-Off event for Net Impact and a plethora of GBC upcoming events. My fellow classmates that read my blog – get excited cause there are some awesome things in store. Cohort Olympics Part II? (P.S. I’m the one in the blue shirt that goes down TWICE in the first few seconds!)

8:15 PM Finally home. I take a few minutes to catch-up with my roommates as we have not seen each other all day. I then retire to my room and tend to a few emails before going to bed by 10pm.

Whew, what a day. Things to note:

1) I only went to one class for the day yet I was out of the house/busy for a full 12 hours.

2) I didn’t mention any study or reading time. With days this busy I’ve built a new strategy of reading and doing a ton of homework ahead of time and in any spare moment I have which unfortunately happens to be over the weekend. With good notes the strategy works pretty well as I can spend a few minutes reviewing them on the bus or before class.

3) Many of my classmates had similar days. At least half of the folks at my last meeting had been on campus since 8 or 9am.

So that’s my day-in-the-life. Yes it’s crazy, yes it’s tiring but I wouldn’t trade-in any of the activities!

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