Perfecting Your Value Proposition to Get the Job You Want

Uncapped red pen sits atop resume, ready to perfect it to get the job you want.

Uncapped red pen sits atop resume, ready to perfect it to get the job you want.

You’ve just found your “dream job” posted online. Now, you’re rushing to submit your resume in hopes of being called for an interview. But, when you push the “submit” button, your stomach churns as you wonder “Will they see what they are looking for? Were my resume and cover letter compelling enough?”

If you’ve ever applied for a job that you knew was perfect for you, but never received a reply, then these tips are meant for you. Developing and perfecting a strong “value proposition” – what you uniquely have to offer a company – is the most important Read more ›

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MBA+ Project: Hyatt Gold Passport

The Hyatt Gold Passport MBA+ Project Team
Members of the Hyatt Gold Passport MBA+ Project Team along with representatives from the company.

The Hyatt Gold Passport MBA+ Project Team and representatives from the company, pictured from left to right: Brian Lederer, MBA ’15; Jeff Zidell, Senior Vice President Hyatt Gold Passport; Louisa Balach, Director of Partner Marketing Hyatt Gold Passport; Alok Marwaha, MBA ’15; David Tobin, MBA ’15; Gabriela Mata-Gutierrez, MBA ’15; Katie Ehrhardt, Manager of Partner Marketing Hyatt Gold Passport.

The MBA+ Leadership Program connects Texas MBA students with companies through short-term micro-consulting projects. I recently caught up with Full-Time MBA student and MBA+ project leader, Alok Marwaha, to learn more about his team’s experience this past semester redefining Hyatt’s strategic relationships with travel partners.

What was your MBA+ Project?
AM: The project was a marketing project for the partner marketing group of Hyatt Hotels’ loyalty division, Hyatt Gold Passport. The McCombs team was tasked to develop a recommendation regarding whether or not Hyatt Gold Passport should form a partnership Read more ›

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Creating Entrepreneurs One Pitch at a Time

UT Awards- Philip Rogers Photograph-133b

Finalist Pitches At Texas Venture Labs Scholarship Competition

Written by Jaime Sutton

Last weekend I was proud to host the second annual Texas Venture Labs Scholarship competition alongside the Texas MBA program. The goal of our scholarship program is to help inspire and create MBA students who have a passion for pursuing entrepreneurship throughout their two years at McCombs. This year we were lucky enough to have 16 semi-finalists join us from not only all over the country (Portland, New York, Austin, Newport Beach, Chicago, and more) but also from across the globe (India, Turkey, Switzerland, and Kuwait)!

Alongside my Texas Venture Labs colleagues, current students, recent alumni, and Texas MBA staff members I watched as these 16 individuals Read more ›

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Faculty Spotlight: Stephen Limberg, Accounting


McCombs Faculty Member Stephen Limberg During A Global Trip

One of the strongest attributes of the Texas MBA program is the highly acclaimed McCombs School of Business faculty, whose members are ranked among the best professors in the nation year after year. In this new Faculty Spotlight series, we’ll be introducing you to these classroom leaders, as we too get to know them all a little better. Up first is the Department of Accounting’s Stephen Limberg.

How long have you been at McCombs?
SL: Thirty one years ago I arrived in modestly populated Austin, Texas, on a steamy August day after driving from the west coast 24 hours without a layover. I pulled into town in a Honda Accord hatchback that was not air conditioned and was packed to the headliner with all my belongings. Hot and irritable, I located my apartment Read more ›

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When Less Is More: Short Answer Questions Explained

Advice From The A-Team

Written by David Burford

The feeling you get when staring at a blank word document. The cursor blinks, blinks, blinks….

Blinking Cursor

Suddenly the 1 a.m. memory of a long forgotten freshman comp final paper due the next day creeps into your mind. Writer’s block rears its ugly head while you work to calm your fears by thinking, it’s only 200 words. Then you realize: it’s only 200 words.

This year’s short answer questions on the application for our working professional MBA programs are modest in length, but will require your deftest wordsmith abilities to answer each question thoroughly and briefly. Choose your words carefully! Read more ›

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Catching Up With Raj Gilda, MBA ’01

Raj Gilda

After graduating from the Texas Full-Time MBA program in 2001, Raj Gilda spent 10 years in New York working with Citibank and Deloitte Consulting. During that time, he also co-founded the non-profit organization Lend-A-Hand India with hopes to make a difference in the lives of the poor through self-help.

I recently caught up with Raj to hear more about what he’s up to now and talk about his time as an MBA student.

Where are you working now and what do you do?
RG: Three years ago, I switched to full-time in the social enterprise sector from banking and consulting and could not be happier about it. Currently, I spend the majority of my time in India focusing full-time on Lend-A-Hand India while also working with Citibank.

Texas MBA Alumnus Raj Gilda

With a total staff of about 350 people providing job and life skills to more than 13,000 young boys and girls from 80 high schools in rural India, I manage the resource mobilization and external relations and run the chapters in London and New York for Lend-A-Hand India. Recently I was appointed as an advisor to the Government of Maharashtra and part of the state committee to review and formulate syllabi for vocational courses offered at secondary and higher secondary levels.

What were you doing before you came to McCombs for your MBA?
RG: I worked with Mahindra British Telecom in Belfast and National Stock Exchange and IL&FS in Mumbai before joining McCombs. Read more ›

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Powerful Storytelling, Part 2: Delivery


Texas Evening MBA Student Delivers Presentation At Orientation

Powerful storytelling occurs when compelling content is paired with engaging delivery. Last week’s post covered story content, and this post focuses on delivery.

Much of today’s communication is condensed into social media snippets, email threads, presentation slides, and written reports. When the opportunity to tell a story in front of an audience presents itself, you benefit from making the most of this medium. Preparation is paramount, however, and there are no shortcuts to rehearsing. Taking the time and having the confidence to connect to your audience is essential to the well-delivered story. Read more ›

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Assistant Dean Tells Us #WhyTexas


From Assistant Dean Tina Mabley to the future Texas Full-Time MBA Class of 2016.

Congratulations! I want to welcome you to the newest class of Texas MBA students. As an alumna (class of 1998) and assistant dean of the Texas Full-Time MBA program, I am very passionate about our school and what I think makes it a great place to get your MBA.

After seeing all of your #WhyTexas responses on social media, I began to reflect on my own favorite reasons to be a part of this special program, and here they are:

Assistant Dean Tina Mabley With Texas MBA Graduate

Our students and alumni – There are many things that have changed and developed since I was in school in the 1990s, but the spirit of our student body has always remained the same. It is a “leave the place better than you found it” group of people who work to improve whatever they get involved in.

Our faculty – Our faculty members are experts in their field who bring their theory to practice. They are also an integral part of our community. They are engaged and accessible and many professors continue to advise our alumni in their future endeavors. Read more ›

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Powerful Storytelling, Part 1: Content


Person's Exposed Palm With This Note Written On It: Everyone Has A Story To Tell!

Everyone identifies with a good story. What’s yours?

We all grew up with stories. In our favorite stories, we care about the people – be it storybook characters or family members – and we’re drawn into details that make the world of the story come alive.

In the business world, you certainly want to leave a lasting impression. Well told stories are not only memorable, they are also influential. Think about how to Read more ›

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McCombs Marketing Is A Top-Ranked Program


McCombs Marketing Professor Raji SrinivasanBy Professor Raji Srinivasan, Department of Marketing

Taking two years out of your life to return to school is not trivial. And the McCombs faculty is here to help.

McCombs’ marketing faculty is truly interested in assisting you with getting the kinds of experiences that you’re seeking while in business school. We have a well-crafted program designed to help you get the most out of your MBA education.

The Texas MBA Program prepares students to succeed in fast-paced marketing environments and in careers spanning consulting, consumer packaged goods, retailing, and high technology. We do that by combining a rigorous theoretical and analytical foundation in the classroom with many challenging opportunities for hands-on application and learning. Examples of these Read more ›

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